The rampage attack on police began as guests arrived at a wedding ceremony in front a historic Christian church on State Street, and ended near a mosque. One officer was injured.

🔘 Shooting Spree targeted State and City Police

🔘 Homeland Security has declared the acts to be terrorism

Harrisburg, PA – This week’s attack that specifically targeted police officers during rush hour carried the hallmarks of ISIS inspired terrorism. The FBI and Homeland Security are investigating the Christmas time terror attack. Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty was a 51 year old Egyptian who returned to Pennsylvania from the Middle East just weeks ago. He was killed by police after committing a shooting spree throughout Harrisburg aimed at law enforcement officers.

The shooting spree began Friday during a wedding ceremony at a large Christian church on the 100 block of State Street as innocent bystanders ducked to the ground for cover. Moments later the shooting continued during rush hour at the Pennsylvania State Capitol building in downtown Harrisburg when El-Mofty drove a car south on 3rd Street and shot at a Capitol Police vehicle near State Street. An officer was almost hit by the gunfire.

He continued to drive towards Market Street and opened gunfire on a State Police car traveling @5th & Market Streets. A female state trooper was grazed during the shooting. El-Mofty’s vehicle was eventually stopped at 17th & Mulberry Streets in Allison Hill where a large scale shootout ensued with Harrisburg Police. El-Mofty was armed with two 9mm handguns when he opened fire on police. Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty was then shot by Harrisburg Police when they returned fire. He died on the scene.


Terrorist Shooting Spree in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Early reports mentioned a suspicious device that was spotted near his body, prompting the bomb squad to be called in. The package was eventually removed from the scene, and it was later described as insignificant by the District Attorney. It could be coincidental that the shootout occurred across the street from the Harrisburg Masjid.

17th & Mulberry, scene of final shootout with police

El-Mofty died after shootout with police @17th & Mulberry Streets

Local speculation suggests that this attack may be retaliation for the recent sentencing of Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz who was convicted of helping ISIS in Harrisburg.

The extent of Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty’s motive remains under FBI investigation. It is clear that he was directly targeting Police. The attack occurred 3 days before Christmas on the last busy weekday in the city prior to the holiday.

District Attorney Ed Marsico on scene with police

Press conference with Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico:


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