Harrisburg, PA – On the evening of December 2nd, 2017 a group of tourists who where out filming their exploration encountered a group of activists at the State Capitol building in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Full Video:

The tourists approached with interest and engaged a group in small talk about the happenings of the activists gathering. The initial conversation soon gave way to a civil street debate. When the group determined that they disagreed with the tourists opinions, without hesitation the activists became intolerant and took on a very street savvy organized intimidation tactic using a large flag pole to physically threaten as well as using verbal aggression suggestive of theft and sexual harassment.

Video Highlights:

🎥 Activist used flag pole as a weapon to threaten and intimidate civilian tourists

🎥 Multiple witnesses complained of being struck with flag

🎥 Aggressor demanded to take hat worn by tourist

🎥 Agitator yells raps repeating the word “bitch” into megaphone

Unfortunately for the City of Harrisburg, these aggressive activists have a negative impact on tourism in the Capital City.

Video Clip:

🎥 More footage coming soon

In response to this initial report Chris Siennick jokes: “It was so bad I thought the guy died at the end. BLM and ANTIFA are dangerous and they brainwash kids on the internets! Don’t let your kids watch!”

Justin Feagley later said: “I will say Chris Siennick was decent and civil during the interaction unlike some BLM people. Actually in all fairness most of the Antifa ppl I spoke with were nice and civil. Of course we VERY differ on political views and social issues, and a rally on court steps isn’t exactly the best environment to exchange ideas, but there was no violence. Just some friendly provocation. – oh and I couldn’t believe no one called me a nazi. that was a first haha”

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