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Update: Papenfuse Targets Female Candidates

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – Breaking News – Papenfuse Forged Signatures; and a Harrisburg100 Exclusive: Video Interview with Mayoral candidate Gloria Martin-Roberts.

Following yesterdays Midtown Mayoral debate, trouble has surfaced with the incumbent Mayor Papenfuse’s campaign tactics of using forged signatures to secure his position on the Mayoral Ballot.

The full report is here: FOX43

According to a Harrisburg citizen: “The lady who was arrested identified herself by name to a resident who resides on Market Street, who attempted to get her signature. The arrestee was told, “no thanks, I am supporting GMR”, and the arrestee did not want to leave her property.”

Also breaking today is a video interview of Gloria Martin-Roberts calling out Papenfuse’s conflict of interest with his ownership of multiple Midtown properties, while using city resources, and tax dollars to fight for his personal interest in that area. 

  • $8 Million has gone towards Midtown projects
  • Papenfuse owns 8 properties in Midtown

Eric Papenfuse has no comment today. Or ever.


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  1. That video was shown live on PLive yesterday. Today the live interviews were Papenfuse and Butts. Over the next few days I’m sure the other candidates will appear before the PN editorial board. Calling the videos “unreleased” is really not accurate, but I don’t know what they do with them after the interview is over.



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