By: Harrisburg100

This jawn is hard AF. Check out his street video filmed in the thick of the hood @ 4th & Woodbine: Cake

🎼”Glock 40 on the waist, I don’t trust him, nigga’s fake”

Uptown Harrisburg’s own CB is Organized and he is Money! This young man’s raw talent, smooth voice, and finesse in front of the camera keeps his game on point. And that’s real rap, cuzzo.

CB is The Hardest Street Rapper In Harrisburg City “Fuck A Hook 2” proves why you need to be Fuckin with CB Powermove “Show No Love” “Thank God” ya’ll not fuckin with real niggas Harrisburg Got Unity -Buddy Bryckz – CB Organized Money Official Facebook Page

🎼”that’s a no go, bitch get chick fillet, HAAA!”

🎼”The ones that smile in ya face be the same ones got low key envy”

And  listen for when the bull Jimmy Wopo makes reference to Cassius Clay. 

Stay tuned for more from CB and other local artists. 

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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