Critical Race Theory (CRT) is in Camp Hill School District! By many accounts it’s been here, but it’s here now in a new textbook called, “We the People.” (Norton Publisher).

Two board members Greg Lamay and Laurie Kennedy voted against it, voicing that it contains CRT. Randall Gale and Geoffrey McInroy voted in favor of the book.

Race is riddled through the pages, starting in an early chapter where the validity of our Constitution is questioned, all because of the demographics of its signers.

Lamay said he’s “extremely concerned.” He cited its slanted coverage of the Jan. 6th events as factual, when new evidence now counters the narrative of that day. Kennedy was uncomfortable starting from a premise that America is “systemically racist.”

CRT is a weapon used in inducing the population into communism.  Class warfare was used in the era of Marx; today it’s “cultural warfare” – turning people against each other by race, as well as gender ideology. Division results! 

In the Summer 2021, heated school board meetings included public remarks that CRT coming to our district is “misinformation.” Board Member Karen Mallah said bullying will not be a big problem until our schools have a different racial make-up.  Superintendent Dan Serfass put a statement on the district website stating: No, CRT is not included in our curriculum nor are there any plans to do so.

Yet, here we are. Not enough fighters in Camp Hill. Do your homework; and vote for real Conservatives to join our school board!

Caroline Machiraju

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Harrisburg’s News Source

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  1. Laurie “Stop the Steal” Kennedy said the quiet part out loud when she questioned the use of the teacher and admin-recommended text book because TWO people brought something to her attention. ONE of the authors had written something about CRT (a college level course not taught in K-12.) Red herring much? Greg LaMay has stated on another book banning situation, “I did’t read the book or anything, but I have concerns.” Hmmm. Why? B/c radical PACs like Take Back Our Schools are fueling the culture wars and funding extremist candidates. And their website that criticizes schools for losing the academics wrote the website that MISSPELLED the simple word incumbent, ha ha. Good thing the evil CRT wasn’t in schools back when Lois was taking reading, writing, and math…



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