Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Speaking live this morning with R.J. Harris on WHP580 radio, Senator Doug Mastriano discussed several topics including his reaction to the FBI Trump-raid; the FBI targeting Scott Perry; and false claims made in TV ads by Josh Shapiro’s Gubernatorial campaign.

Mastriano told R.J. Harris that he is suing the January 6th committee in District Court regarding his not being allowed to record his disposition testimony yesterday. He wants to record the testimony to ensure nothing is taken out of context. Mastriano said the committee is in violation of Congressional House rules.

Speaking about the Trump-raid, Mastriano said it was chilling, and, “You know it’s bad when even CNN expresses concern over it.” Mastriano said democrats are, “drunk with power for the next 90 days until the midterm election,” and they, “went beyond the law.” He called it the weaponization of the Department of Justice and FBI.

R.J Harris referred to a target on Pennsylvanians when talking about Brigadier General Scott Perry, and Colonel Doug Mastriano, who are some of the most respected U.S. Military leaders who have gone to war and protected our nation for decades, but are now being attacked by the democrats.

Mastriano complained that the corporate media advocates for and amplifies Josh Shapiro’s voice, while demonizing Mastriano’s reputation.

Mastriano said Shapiro is, “Stitching together words out of context and misrepresenting my position on key issues.” When reached for comment today, Mastriano told Harrisburg100 that Shapiro should be sued for making false claims in TV advertisements.

He also mentioned that the media ignores Mastriano’s real grassroots movement, and pretend that Fetterman has a grassroots movement, although very few people show up to democrat events in comparison with Mastriano events.

Mastriano also appeared on NewsTalk 103.7 FM to talk about issues in Pennsylvania today.

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  1. Hopefer Braddock August 18, 2022 at 6:27 am

    I recommend Mastriano hold the three debates anyway with an empty chair.



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