By: Caroline Machiraju

Harrisburg, Pa. – Stop the medical tyranny. Stop the mandate. Stand up now.

That was the message that rang loud and clear at the Medical Freedom Rally on Tuesday morning, where state Senator Doug Mastriano addressed a 200+ crowd, along with several freedom fighters.

Mastriano’s rally called attention to two bills he sponsored: SB 471 (Prohibiting COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates) and SB 885 (Ensuring Unemployment Compensation for Unvaccinated Workers).

Mastriano, emceed the event, days after announcing a potential bid for governor. At his freedom event, he forecasted more of Wolf’s “draconian rules” to come down on the state’s 1.7 million students, just like he’s displayed with businesses last year andschool mask mandates this year. 

“The cure is worse than the virus.”

Mastriano pointed to the .008% death rate in children; but questioned the adverse effect rate, including myocarditis – not widely reported by the media.

Health-care heroes, turned freedom-fighters

Pediatric emergency physician Chaminie Wheeler shared that she was fired from her hospital after going public with her concerns about vaccine mandates. (She testified to this at the Pa. State Senate Hearing yesterday.)

“I’m not willing to die on the hill of the vaccine; but I am willing to die on the hill of liberty,” said Wheeler, to a roaring crowd.

Wheeler charactized today’s health care as: “ill care.” “Health ‘protocol’ now drives business; it’s no longer individual-driven health care,” she said. 

Wheeler commented on the high rates of hospitalization today, but said it wasn’t all Covid: “We changed our environment (with the imposed lockdowns) … and our immune systems forgot how to fight,” she said, causing more virulent seasonal infections, like RSV.

Wheeler also spoke of other health care workers afraid to speak out for fear of losing their job. “It’s not right. And it’s not right for my employer to tell me what to do with my own body.”

Earlier this year, an anonymous person challenged Wheeler’s medical license, but the case was closed without it being withdrawn. She said “they cannot take away my knowledge; they cannot take away my convictions.”

Another health care hero, turned freedom fighter that addressed the crowd was: ER tech Brandon Atkins, whose introduction triggered a short reprisal of the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

Atkins shared that his almost 2-decade career in the health field is on the line, because of his “noncompliance.” And, he warned the crowd:  “We’re not the last ones to get these mandates,” to which the crowd buzzed – in both awareness and revolt.

Rep. Dawn Keefer said medicine is not “one size fits all.” She said the so-called science community is ignoring natural immunity because it goes against the “narrative.” But she added: “Harrisburg is not going to save you. You have to stand up and fight.”

Rep. Stephanie Borowicz echoed those words: “It is time to get in the fight! Continue to fight, continue being the voice of reason!!” 

Borowicz plugged a constitutional amendment that fellow conservative Rep. Russ Diamond introduced in late October, HB2018 (“Right to medical freedom”). The bill outlines the right of an individual to refuse any medical procedure, treatment, injection, vaccine or prophylactic.

In closing the event, Mastriano tossed some barbs at Wolf and the media – whose cameras were parked just feet in front of him – asking: “why can’t we debate? Why is everyone demonized who challenges the narrative?” He pointed how the media covers for Wolf when he attended “superspreader” events last year; but calls any conservative events as being irresponsible.

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