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Joe Biden’s 6 Point Plan to combat COVID is nothing but a ploy to force the private sector to do the bidding of Big Pharma. Forcing unvaccinated people to endure weekly testing is simply a way to codify ‘othering’ of Based, non-compliant citizens and a way to play to his increasingly unhinged base.

He has charged OSHA to enforce his unconstitutional mandate under the guise of workplace safety. In reality, if this mandate was really about workplace safety and reducing the possibility of an infection outbreak, it require weekly testing of everyone and the government would cover the cost.

There is a mountain of data out there that demonstrates vaccinated people contract and spread COVID just like unvaccinated people without natural immunity. The vaccines at this point have proven to be effective at reducing the severity of COVID infections – but they are not effective at stopping the spread. I present my case below – please read and click on the links and read them.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is data on the CDC Study in Barnstable Mass that caused the CDC to reverse course and state the vaccinated people should wear masks

Even NPR reported that vaccinated people can and do spread COVID.

Vaccinated People With Breakthrough Infections Can Spread The Delta Variant, CDC Says – NPR

CDC: Data Shows Vaccinated People Can Spread The Delta Variant : Coronavirus Updates In an outbreak in Provincetown, Mass., three-quarters of cases occurred in fully vaccinated people.

This NY Mag Article on the issue of breakthrough infectionsheadlines “Don’t Panic, But Breakthrough Cases May Be a Bigger Problem Than You’ve Been Told”. Current public-health messaging may understate the scale and risk.

Also, we are seeing that many of the most vaccinated areas are experiencing the highest growth rate in infections. Vermont, with the highest vaccination rate in the country — 88% of adults at least partially vaccinated & 79% fully vaccinated — is about to set a new high in COVID cases, just 3.5 months after Dr Fauci said with 50% of adults vaccinated we wouldn’t see significant surges.

In the State of Maine, where over 90% of the eligible population has been at least partially vaccinated and over 95% of the over 65 population is fully vaccinated – hospitalizations are nearly as high as they were last winter.

Israel was months ahead of the rest of the world in getting its people vaccinated and had virtually declared victory in June is the vaccines appeared to have worked. But then it was hit with the Delta variant.

In this article from Science.org noting the waning effectiveness of the vaccines but also pointed out that 60% of those being hospitalized are vaccinated.
From the article:

“What is clear is that “breakthrough” cases are not the rare events the term implies. As of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19, a 31% increase from just 4 days earlier. Of the 514, 59% were fully vaccinated.” This is the data that Scott H was refuting during Adv Board. It has NOT been ‘debunked’. A few weeks ago, in response to the declining effectiveness of the vaccines – the govt moved the goalpost on what is “vaccinated” to require THREE SHOTS.

Here is a peer reviewed study from early Sept 2021 out of Israel that shows Natural Immunity is 27 times greater than Vaccine immunity:


Here is a summary of the study and its impact of the study:


Ireland is experiencing similar results:
“The proportion of vaccinated people requiring treatment in hospital has been increasing over recent months, as the number of vaccinated people in the wider population has risen.”


Here is screenshot of the dashboard summary of the VAERS data on the COVID Vaccines. VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% based on the Lazarus report

As you can see – the adverse effect reporting and the fact that these vaccines have NOT undergone the customary long-term studies, vaccine hesitant people are not just a bunch of tin foil hat people or redneck MAGA Trump voters. A recent vaccine hesitancy study conducted by researchers from Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh found that there is now very little difference between vaccine hesitancy by education level and contrary to the media narrative – areas with the highest % of Trump votes have the highest degree of acceptance. The group with clearly the highest hesitancy is with people of color.

Also, in the face of the reality that the current vaccines are NOT providing immunity – the CDC has changed the definition of what a vaccine is – you cannot make this stuff up.

Lastly – here is proof the Biden Administrations reasoning behind the mandate to force unvaccinated to endure weekly tests while giving vaccinated people a pass is simply a cynical ploy to force businesses to do their dirty work. Here is a statement from the Vice President who says the quiet part outloud:

Aren’t the vaccinated protected by the vaccine?

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  1. Here’s where it all stands as I’ve read according to a statement made by the United Nations.
    ” The United States is more Communist now in this day and age than the Soviet Union during the entire time period of the Cold War”
    My issue with everything going on in government is , since 911 there have more crimes committed by individuals under the employ of the U.S.Government than any other time in history, and the fact that very few have actually been charged and if so few have been sentenced and served time.
    In time of war crimes as such are under law dealt with more harshly.
    I see blatant lies being told, costing thousands there lives, I see a government controlled and operated by corporations, I see a Military Industrial Complex using trillions of dollars a year and no one including the Inspector General as to where the funds are going and or what they are being used for.
    I’ve just witnessed billions of dollars in American tax money given to terrorist organizations by leaving weapons, equipment and technology behind, I’ve seen attacks on our country and still can’t get answers on who, what, when and why aircraft are allowed to fly untethered and unrestricted for hours, and left unhindered to do their propourted deeds.
    The country is pathetic in the fact you have territory of the U.S. that have mooched off of the mainland for billions a year and are allowed to vote against becoming a stat, I’m seeing a govt derelict of it duties and responsibilities.
    I’m seeing a country that years ago the country made money during war and employed Americans, not subcontracting to past enemies our defense projects, and I’m seeing a country that hasn’t won a war since World Ear Two, and even then we had real allies, and I’ve seen a country that has defended the Chinese, the Soviets , the soviets shoot down an American Airliner with a Georgia Senator onboard and strafe the waters where the survivors were killing all and no charge against them, China with it’s massive trade deals making trillions on exports to America using slave labor I’m seeing jobs being outsourced by telecommunications corporations in countries in the middle east and wonder how our identities are being stolen, and people in govt office committing outright treason and no charges, no firing squad and representatives of our govt talking fake news and when in fact the news they get is the news they speak.
    America needs to stand and understand one thing, a few years before Lincoln was assassinated the Constitution was changed, since the Civil War the country was broke, banks had no money so a deal was struck with banks around the world, the banks wouldn’t lend a “Union” of states any funds, so the United States was Incorporated.
    That’s why in the print The United States became THE UNITED STATES.
    The very interesting part of all of this was, the U.S.Government has control over the 10 square miles of “The District of Columbia” and actually legally have no power nor authority over the states.
    I know, sounds far fetched, but historically true.
    Kind of like how many Americans think the Civil War was over slavery, it wasn’t.
    The south was rich and prosperous and the north had to rely on foreign imports and payingdues for them, plus everything worth anything was in the south such as crops of food, tobacco and cotton.
    This country has assassinated more representatives of government then any other, and it seems corporations and kickbacks are all part of a days work.
    A affordable healthcare act that’s not affordable to prisons that are subcontracted, jailing Americans at a profit, investments by politicians before they vote on who gets a contract.
    Tax write-offs that are an amount so high it could feed every third world countries residents for a year, yet those in American nursing homes have less amenities then someone serving time in a correctional institution.
    33,000 American servicemen and women, veterans commit suicide each year and it’s seems more important as to who wins an Emmy or an Oscar.
    Wait until you see the next 1000 individuals under sealed indictments coming up, and UFOs and Aliens.
    The govt. Has three plans, they will be initiating the one they chose soon.
    America needs to step up, and be counted as one and cut all of this division amongst one another, it’s the division that is intentional, and the daily debris in the news that’s keeping your eyes and minds off of the things you should be paying attention to.
    A Federal Reserve that’s not even part of our government, in fact a private corporation buying the money at a discount and setting the interest rate.
    A stock market based on assumptions and a Communist Govt China owning vast billions of dollars in our real estate.
    And we wonder why we’re broke.
    Billion dollar aircraft that can’t keep paint on the tail and a Bombay that won’t function correctly.
    To note, not one President including Eisenhower has any power to know anything except what they are told by the Military Complex to know anything top secret and anyone telling you any different is lying. Eisenhower warned Americans in his last speech as did Reagan.
    Ever wonder why these UFO’S fly around next to U.S. and U.K. bases and wargames but not in other territories? Think about it.
    One thing I can say for sure, those objects darting in and out of the ocean?
    Look up sightings of one being transported thru Maryland around 2011 and note it was taken to a Naval Base near a river not far from Quantico, submerged and reappeared about a quarter mile down the river and took off exactly like the one on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
    Saudis on the way to Mars, China on the Dark Side of the Moon, private corporate manned spaceships going into space, artificial intelligence, a space force and humanoid military.
    What next?



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