Harrisburg, Pa – Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is facing harsh backlash in the state and throughout parts of the nation after attempting to block an election audit by pressuring county officials to not cooperate with auditors, and he publicly defamed State Senator Doug Mastriano several times on national television, calling him an “inserectionist senator,” who is part of a group of “dangerous Harrisburg Republicans that are a threat to our democracy and have no regard for the law.”

Following the announcement of Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano concerning an election audit in Pennsylvania, Shapiro has appeared on nearly a dozen cable news segments with anchors including Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, Nicolle Wallace, and Jim Scuitto on CNN and MSNBC.

Shapiro insinuated threats of retaliation against supporters of the audit when speaking to Rachel Maddow live on MSNBC, saying they would have to first get through him. Republicans in Pennsylvania have come out in full force to challenge Shapiro’s hostile rhetoric.

Mastriano responded on social media, stating, “AG Josh Shapiro is again on the wrong side of history. He’s defended Wolf’s Covid policy, which led to the deaths of nearly 16,000 of our loved ones. He’s busy being a mini-Wolf, suing nuns, keeping at risk children out of safe homes and perpetuating disinformation and division. His on-air meltdown over a forensic investigation of the election is an embarrassment for him and for Pennsylvania. We deserve better.”

“So the guy who wants to be governor of all Pennsylvanians thinks about half of us are racists based on party label,” wrote Pa Chamber of Entrepreneurs President Matt Brouillette who spoke out about Shapiro. “I wonder what he thinks of the nearly half of Democrats who support voter ID as well. Are they racists too?”

Congressional candidates Sean Parnell and Teddy Daniels were also critical of Shapiro, as well as Lou Barletta.

During an MSNBC interview, Al Sharpton hard line questioned Shapiro, asking if he is aware of, or participating in any concerted effort by state Attorney Generals to suppress election audits.

Days before the election on October 31, 2020, Shapiro tweeted, “If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose. That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process.”

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  1. Instead of a forensic audit (at the expense of the taxpayers); “Use that money to give taxpayers,living in poverty a helping hand up.
    ♦️Taxpayer’s can’t buy food with an audit. Taxpayer’s children can’t eat an audit. ♦️Taxpayer’s cannot pay back rent or mortgage payments with an audit.♦️Homeless Taxpayers can’t live in an audit.♦️Taxpayers can’t pay for daycare with an audit. They can’t pay for transportation with an audit. ♦️Taxpayers can’t put clothes on their children’s back with an audit.
    FOR The SAKE OF clarity; are the working poor,Homeless and Hungry Taxpayers not worthy of their Tax dollars being used for their benefit?
    ♦️(Would it not… make sense to use Taxpayer’s money to Train them as Poll Workers and Monitors, to help maintain the integrity and safety of the voting process; while, earning a living wage?
    ♦️Would it not, make sense to Use the People’s Money for the People?
    i.e. Spending money to pay Taxpayers a living wage? (A Stipend to make up the difference)
    ♦️Support the process with Solutions that Benefit the Taxpayers.
    (Just asking for The Sake Of Clarity).



  2. NOTHING has come out of the
    multiple recounts and audits ALREADY DONE, at the taxpayers expense. MILLIONS
    of dollars worth. NOW, they want to continue this INSANITY. AND, THE REPUBLICAN’S have the AUDACITY to piss and moan about our country’s DEBT.THE REPUBLICAN party is a cancer to this country, and those of you who support them are the cause! Vote this party OUT!



  3. A cancer to this country? Wow!!! I don’t vote for party I vote for the person most qualified for the job. Democrat or republican have every right to question elections. If the election was run correctly there shouldn’t be pushback. I have democrat and republican friends, and I respect them all. May not agree but respect.



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