Harrisburg, Pa – Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman has been on a tirade, lashing out at Trump supporters and Pennsylvanians who disagree with Governor Tom Wolf.

This week when Candace Owens tweeted about the situation of an inflated COVID-19 death count in Pa, Lt. Governor Fetterman became defensive and accused her of inciting hatred toward Dr. Levine, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health.

After the death count in Pennsylvania was re-calculated, now reported as being 200 less COVID-19 deaths than the previous day, Fetterman referred to Dr. Levine as “someone SAVING LIVES.”

Yesterday Fetterman alluded to “50K fellow Americans dead,” in a tweet and added a quote to give the false impression that homosexuals will be “barred health care discrimination based on sex and gender identity.”

Fetterman’s tweet falsely insinuated that President Trump is taking health care away from LGBTQIA during the COVID-19 pandemic. He shamelessly used the pandemic body count to instill fear.

Fetterman further enflamed the situation by aggressively using the lords name in vein in a post on Facebook, yet again upsetting citizens who respect religious freedom. The post was shared by thousands of Facebook users. Fetterman has been accused of embracing Christianophobia.

Last week Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries responded to a tweet from Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman on Saturday. Fetterman has a history of trolling President Trump supporters on Twitter, and the Commission called out his inappropriate behavior in the tweet. Pries compared him to a “train as it speeds off the track,” and alerted the leadership of Pennsylvania.


And a few weeks prior to that Fetterman was tweeting his excitement to show off an inappropriate anit-Trump shirt from his political campaign. The shirt contained derogatory language.

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  1. Ashamed of Pa politicians… Islamist, communist, trans…. Perhaps y’all would govern more appropriately without your personal agendas getting in the way. Oh, also forgot dope head in government. Sad. #OPEN PA!



  2. Pa govt in total disarray, no idea what they are doing , they follow NY which is is total mess so sad they represent thus state clown act



  3. Apparently this so called Governor Fetterman supports heroin shoot up clinics in our neighborhood



  4. I think Lt. Gov. Fetterman should be removed from office now. He does not have the mental stability to speak for all of Pennsylvania. If Trump is a jagoff then Fetterman is an asshole.



  5. Cynthia Salchak May 2, 2020 at 10:50 am

    Pennsylvania government behaves like teenagers in a spitting and swearing contest! People actually believe their garbage???



  6. he is acting like a jerk. Tweeting untrue or the least manipulated truth. His is a public servant and during this time should be bringing people together. What a shame…. this why people are done with politicians.



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