Washington D.C. – Production administrator @alx of Turning Point USA spent much of his day Tuesday defending his previous late-night tweet “Q is Fake.”

As twitter users piled on the thread, @alx made exhausted attempts to argue his position, and as he become increasingly defensive, the group doubled down on their convictions.

In adherence with the group policy “where we go one, we go all,” members of Q quickly formed an offensive to counter the tweet.

Eventually @alx claimed that he was in on the original group chat when the idea for Q was created.

It was finally determined that perhaps “ALX is fake.”

News correspondent Jack Posobiec from One America News Network stepped in to conduct damage control for @alx. Posobiec tweeted that he too was privy to the original group chat when the idea for Q was created for 4chan.

Posobiec equates the phenomenon of Q to be that of a LARP, a live action role playing game, under the control of a rouge operator.

Posobiec earlier spoke with one of the co-originators of the “Q” persona who runs a group of individuals posing as a high-level government intelligence officer.

Microchip, who is a master at creating trending topics on Twitter, and another successful pro-Trump meme-creator named Dreamcatcher, were inspired to do their own trolling by another false identity on 4Chan called FBIAnon, who also claimed to have had insider information as a high-level intelligence officer.

He said Q was more of a “mistake” than a planned, purposeful operation to “take down something.”

In his interview with Posobiec and in the chat logs with Dreamcatcher, Microchip referred to the book “Q” by the Italian prankster/writer collective Luther Blissett, whom he referred to as “the Italian author guy.” As a representative of the Wu Ming (Mandarin for “anonymous”) Foundation, an offshoot of the Luther Blissett collective, told BuzzFeed, “’Q’ is a disguised, oblique autobiography of the LBP. It is often described as Blissett’s ‘playbook,’ an ‘operations manual’ for cultural disruption.”

Creator Of ‘Q’ Explains Its Evolution

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  1. I began following 4chan when FBIanon was there. I clearly remember the threads. We were encouraged to dig into the Clinton Foundation at the time. This was right around the time that Seth Rich was murdered. I have since left the boards and follow Q directly. Jack Posobiec is an attention whore and @OANN would be better off without him. PS: I was one of the Q Army on @alx’s thread last night… #WWG1WGA



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