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York County, Pennsylvania – Newberry Township Supervisor Maxine Kauffman Makes Snide Remark & Threatens Newberry Township Resident(s) with Legal Action Over FREE Speech. (Be Sure to Read the KICKER!)

Intimidation tactics used by Republican Committee Woman & Newberry Township Supervisor Maxine Kauffman should be frowned upon and be very concerning to all residents of Newberry Township. It should also be deeply concerning for the York County Republican Committee, the Newberry Township Board of Supervisors, and PA State Association of Township Supervisors from an ethics standpoint.

Elected officials should not be allowed to intimidate and or bully residents for exercising FREE speech, especially taxpayers who Supervisor Maxine Kauffman is supposed to be working for. The Republican Party of Pennsylvania should agree as well.

Reportedly, On Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at the Newberry Township Board of Supervisors meeting Supervisor Maxine Kauffman stated ‘Newberry Township Breaking News’ is not a reliable news source.

Well, here are our comments and response,

Newberry Township Supervisor Maxine Kauffman made her snide comment regarding our page after a resident stated during public comment that he was having problems with Republic Services. The resident said he saw that another individual was also having similar problems with Republic Services after reading our Facebook page.

Supervisor Maxine Kauffman interrupted the resident during his time of public comment to specifically make the bogus claim about our page, rather than focusing on addressing his and other residents concerns about Republic Services.

Was she saying she doesn’t believe residents who make authentic complaints, such as the ones posted to our page about Republic Services? Or, is she simply trying to bash our page because of her own failure to correct legitimate problems with Republic Services for residents? The problems and issues have been going on for more than a year now.

Supervisor Kauffman should be concentrating on making sure residents get refunds for any horrible service received from Republic Services, rather than taking fine money and placing it in a “Refuse fund”. Republic Services was fined in Spring of 2018. The fine was very weak; however, and the residents who received the bad service did not get any of that money refunded. The Supervisors should be working harder to get residents actual refunds to their own accounts. There have been many complaints over the years regarding Republic Services, too numerous to mention. Many of the issues are documented in Newberry Township Board of Supervisors meeting minutes from January 23, 2018 to April 23, 2019.

It is true visitors on our page have complained about Republic Services from at least December 2017 through April 2019. They have complained about poor service and most recently treatment by Republic Services employees.

There has been a long history of complaints regarding Republic Services. Perhaps that is why Supervisor Maxine Kauffman is so irritable about our page because complaints about the Supervisors not doing their jobs effectively to resolve matters becomes front and center a lot of times. But, to say we’re unreliable is an interesting argument or statement, especially when compared to the reliability of the Supervisors.

For example, the last time the Supervisors posted to their Facebook page informing residents of anything going in the Township was May 1, 2019 (and that was a letter from Suez water talking about contaminated water they were selling customers with high-levels of PFAS toxins, and what they have done about the issue. There was no apology or offer of refunds to customers from Suez in this case of selling toxins!). The time before the May 1, 2019 post was on November 13, 2018, almost 6 months between posts. The reliability of the Supervisors is not very good at all for keeping the residents informed on matters. Thus, in comparison we are much more reliable.

The fact is, we have been the most reliable source of news and information for the residents of Newberry Township, since 2013, and we’re not even taxpayer funded.

AND, now for the KICKER!…..the lawsuit threat(s)….

We have very reliable information that Republican Supervisor Maxine Kauffman has threatened a Newberry Township resident(s) in order to suppress free speech, using a Lancaster County attorney. This a 100% fact.

We won’t reveal that law firm at this time. But, reserve the right to do so at any time. Intimidation tactics like this by elected officials should be addressed in a serious manner.

Supervisor Maxine Kauffman is also a Republican Committee Woman and part of the York County Republican Committee. This kind of behavior by an elected official should not be tolerated. Most especially, if she is being paid by the taxpayers in any form.

We have information that both Tony Miller, chairman of the Newberry Township Board of Supervisors and Jeffrey Piccola, chairman of the York County Republican Committee know about this behavior and have never requested Supervisor and Committee Woman Maxine Kauffman resign from her positions. We haven’t seen it addressed in any meeting minutes or on the public record or in an official letter from either Chairman.

In this case, you have a seated Newberry Township Supervisor and a person representing the Republican party making threat(s) of lawsuit(s) because she doesn’t like what Newberry Township resident(s) have to say. This is an elected official who appears to operate in ways to abuse her power or to act as a bully of sorts. Her lawyer should be ashamed and should know she has no case and engaging in these types of tactics could expose the law firm in a very poor light. It could also leave Supervisor Kauffman, the Township, the York County Republican Party, and her law firm open to counter legal action at any time. It could also cost the taxpayers money in having to deal with the unfounded threats by an elected official. Or, could lead to further exposure and PR problems in the news.

This is probably a matter GOP lawmakers, the Newberry Township Board of Supervisors, and the York County Republican Committee leaders wanted swept under the carpet. But, it is the type of behavior, which deserves to be fully exposed. And, the public should be aware of it.

It is amusing how the Republican party raises up arms about this type of behavior when members of the Democratic party work to intimidate and bully people when it comes to FREE speech, but when their own party members do it, they like to sweep it under the carpet. They should be just as stern with their own party members, especially when it comes to elected officials, ethics, and this type of behavior. They should write letters about it and inform the community in a transparent manner. There should be zero tolerance. Perhaps they don’t want their own baggage in the news though.

All of this is even more reason why the residents of Newberry Township deserve to have public meetings recorded live on camera (in their entirety) to watch and share online 24/7/365, so they can witness snide remarks live on the record, and see how business is actually conducted from the comfort of their homes.

Perhaps we’ll start reporting on Republican Supervisor Maxine Kauffman more often. We strongly believe the public should get 100% reliable news & information, and we’ll continue to work hard to uncover and deliver it.

“Free speech and a free press are the foundations for a free society.”


Supervisor Maxine Kauffman legal (threat) documents

York County Republican Committee emails

Newberry Township Board of Supervisors emails

Newberry Township Board of Supervisors meeting minutes

Township of Newberry Official Facebook page

Newberry Township Residents complaints

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