The Skrulls are literal refugees in this film, though they’re treated — and referred to — as terrorists. Sound familiar?

The blockbuster superhero film mirrors the narrative of Earth’s current geo-political climate.

This theme is comically emphasized in an early reference to planet 🌎 C-53 as “a shithole,” according to the Kree. Later in the movie, the protagonist lead character played by Samual L. Jackson is accused by the Kree of “collusion with the target,” once it is determined that he’s has flipped to aid the Skrulls.

‘Captain Marvel’ Happens to Be a Brilliant Allegory for America’s Politics and Race Relations

The film’s plot centers around a shameless war between the races. On one side, the Kree and its “Starforce,” which bills its officers as “noble warrior heroes” tasked with policing the kingdom’s multiple planets. And on the other, the less-humanoid Skrulls, a shape-shifter race who are considered devious, pestilent vermin to the Starforce seeking to eliminate them.

Captain Marvel finds herself ‘flipping sides’ in the film, ultimately turning against her Kree brethren (of which she’s biologically only half-invested) after becoming enlightened on the war’s reality: maybe the Skrulls aren’t the aggressors here. Far from it, we discover, they’re a persecuted race seeking simply to make a home where they can.

Trolls tried to “review-bomb” the movie with fake reviews ahead of its release

For months, the film has been targeted by trolls. After its first trailer was released in September, some “fans” of the character photoshopped smiles onto star Brie Larson’s promotional photos — essentially the digital version of the “smile more” catcall — because they thought the actress was stiff and wooden in the role. Larson’s physique was called into question, as part of a debate over whether or not she was strong enough to play a hero who will be one of the strongest Avengers.

In February, as Captain Marvel’s first pre-release screenings were held for press, the movie became the subject of several negative user reviews posted to the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes by people who hadn’t even seen it, blasting Larson’s performance and trashing the movie itself. Although, to call their assessments “reviews” is generous, as they primarily complained about Larson for being sexist against men, expressing anger that seemed to stem from Larson being vocal about the lack of diversity in Hollywood and among film critics.

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