Harrisburg, PA – Socialist Lt. Governor John Fetterman (PA), who reportedly plans to run for U.S. Senate in 2022, is promoting a state funded pre-campaign tour by using the popular trending issue of marijuana legalization to gain further name recognition ahead of the election.

Taxpayers will fund up to $25,000 (by Fetterman’s estimate) for the multi-month marijuana tour through all 67 counties with maybe 80 events (bigger counties get more than one visit).

Independent polling already tells us what Pennsylvanians think about weed. In 2017, a Franklin and Marshall College poll showed most state voters, 59 percent, agreed cannabis should be legal.

Does anybody think that number dropped? Last October, a national Pew Research survey found pro-pot support at 62 percent.

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Harrisburg’s News Source

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  1. HAHAHAHA! Socialist. Look up the definition. He is a Democratic Socialist, which if you look at their philosophy, is what many Democrats actually support. Stop throwing Socialist around, until you know what it means.



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