Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Detransitioners let their voices be heard via representatives at the state Capitol today.

Spreading awareness for these young victims of transgender ideology were representatives of Our Duty, state Rep. Paul Schemel; Pa. Family Institute and a social worker who has compassion for this cause.

Schemel has introduced a House bill (HB138) which seeks to give back what was taken from these individuals, by allowing lawsuits against institutions and medical facilities that steered these vulnerable individuals into life-altering decisions.

Rep. Paul Schemel

Schemel said there are three gender identity clinics in the state, geared to children: one in Philadelphia, Hershey and Pittsburgh.

Connie Hahn of Our Duty shared emotional stories of two detransitioners in Pa. – one girl who had her breasts surgically removed at age 15, but a few years later experienced the deep pain of regret.

Connie Hahn

Emily Kreps of Pa Family Institute (PFI) said research revealed that taxpayer dollars – to the tune of $16 million – are going toward these medical transitions in children, according to PFI’s right-to-know requests filed with the Pa. Department of Human Services.

“From 2015 to 2021, Pennsylvania saw a nearly 5000% increase in spending on ‘gender-affirming’ care for minors under 18,” said Kreps. 

Emily Kreps

Kreps said that spike in spending is in part caused by mental health clinicians who don’t always explore underlying traumas for their gender dysphoria.

Jennifer Thomas also spoke, citing how the detransitioners don’t know where to turn, as they are often rebuked by society. They seek guidance and compassion from us, she said. She shared a story of a young girl who took synthetic hormones, which rapidly changed her voice. She realized her error before surgery but sadly never got her true voice back.

Joy Gray, a victim advocate from Baltimore, also spoke of her experience with transgenders. She said often these roads lead to regret, depression, broken families and for some: suicide.

For more information, visit: https://ourduty.group/usa/

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