Month: March 2023

Hershey High School advances to finals with overtime win in Flyers Cup Tournament

Hershey, Pennsylvania – Hershey High School won 5-4 in an overtime thriller against WC Rustin with a goal by Kyle Kloss. Goalie Jayden Noss had […]

Who’s Really To Blame For Our Banking Crisis?

By: Brad Morgan Dr. Fauci is to blame SVB Bank went under because it bought ‘safe’ Government Bonds that resulted in losses when the Federal […]

Detransitioners awareness event at Pa. Capitol; Bill introduced for victims

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Detransitioners let their voices be heard via representatives at the state Capitol today. Spreading awareness for these young victims of transgender ideology […]

These Past Few Years Provide an Interesting History | Dr. Stephanie Coxon

By: Dr. Stephanie Coxon February 2020, I was on one of the last cruises to depart for a delightful vacation experience before the entire industry became […]

Steam relief chimney installed near 3rd & North after high pressure water hammer

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Residents in downtown Harrisburg reported hearing loud banging noises around 4:30 a.m. this morning, followed by reports of steam leaking into homes […]