Lancaster, Pa. – A trove of information regarding an erotic drag show held at Hempfield High School has been exposed by Tammitha Mitchell, and the group Concerned Citizens of Hempfield in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Her group along with local Moms for Liberty chapters are working to inform parents about this, and similar issues in public schools. Allison Shipp, Rhonda Garman, and Kristin Rohrbaugh are some of the moms leading the efforts in Cumberland, Lancaster, and York Counties.

The information provided by the groups includes disturbing details about the event that was coordinated by a Hempfield School District teacher who has since been suspended pending an investigation.

Mitchell said that the Hempfield teacher advised students to bring cash to tip the dancers. A screenshot was taken from an online message sent by the teacher to the students.

The message was posted on Schoology, which is an app that is available for district parents and students to access. It is an online system of communication regarding events, curriculum, and happenings for child’s classes, and extra curricular activities such as the GSA (Gay Sexuality Alliance Club) can be updated here.

In another message to the students after the show, the teacher provided the contact info for students to stay in touch with the adult drag queens on social media, pictured below.

Allegedly 7th and 8th grade students attended the drag show, according to new information obtained by the group.

Allison Shipp, leader of Moms For Liberty – Cumberland County told Harrisburg100, “It is time to get back to basic education in our schools. Teachers are hired for math, reading and basic education skills. We don’t send our kids to schools for anything other than that. Morals, values, religion, etc., come from the home, not the school. Parents are not interested in having kids hyper sexualized at any age from anyone. That’s called grooming! This is inappropriate behavior to be coming from teachers, and occurring on school property. For those who do not have kids in the public school system, I would say, you should still very much care about the overall impact on society, because your tax dollars are funding this. This isn’t being “inclusive”, it’s about an agenda, an agenda that tear our children and communities apart through social and political programming. What we at Moms for Liberty are doing is holding those in charge accountable, educating our community on the massive destruction going on in our schools, and helping turn school boards over to conserve our constitutional integrity once again. We fight for parental rights,the education of our children, snd the future of our country as a whole.”

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  1. This school district needs to be shutdown.



    1. This website needs to be shutdown.



    2. shut down is two words. And stop flipping out. You are guying into a bunch of RWNJ hysteria.



      1. buying


  2. Ms. Shipp is a closed minded RWNJ Schools should also teach history, civics, science, ecology, music, art, languages, and world cultures.



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