WATCH: Teen who sprayed student’s eyes with chemicals shows no remorse for victims in hospital, claims to have been bullied

Wrightsville, Pennsylvania – At least one student was sent to the hospital today after being sprayed in the eyes with a chemical by another student in an unprovoked attack that spanned five classrooms at Eastern York High School.

Early reports suggested that the chemical attack may have involved bleach.

The attacker was identified as a female student who was allegedly rampaging around throughout five classrooms, squirting hand sanitizer or bleach in the face of other students.

The student has allegedly been suspended from school for three days.

The victim’s condition is unknown. This is a developing story.

Update: The hostile student is reportedly a special needs teen who the school has been unsuccessful attempting to transition into general education classrooms. The student has reportedly had other outbursts in the school, cursing out teachers and mischievously loitering in the boy’s restroom.

Many parents are outraged that they were not notified of the incident by the school district, including many of the students who had chemicals sprayed on themselves, their clothing and school materials.

Parents have also complained that the situation should not have been allowed to escalate to this point, given so many red flag incidents in the past.

Sources in the school said the student suffers mental episodes and does not live with her parents.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that school district has allowed the special needs student to return to school the following day on in-school suspension.

The student has publicly posted several tik tok videos about the the incident, showing no remorse for the hospitalized victims, and claimed that revenge for being bullied was her motive for the attack.

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  1. Alexander Emenheiser March 25, 2021 at 9:37 am

    “You could have blinded this kid, so have off for 3 days.” I’m glad Eastern York High School hasn’t changed 🙄



    1. Ah old men arguing about kids stupid dog

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  2. I know that person that’s my best friend



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