Allentown, PA – Kristie Tertel, a Lehigh County Republican Committee Woman resigned in April after being served with peace orders by a Baltimore Circuit Judge following harassment, stalking, and intimidation of an ex boyfriend. Tertel was also found to have been falsely representing herself to party leaders  as a Pennsylvania constitutional and international law attorney.

According to court records, the peace order states that Kristie Tertel “Shall Not Abuse,” “Shall Not Contact,” “Shall Not Enter Residence,” and “Shall Stay Away From Employment,” of the victim, being her ex lover. Court records also show that the order is active, permanent, and final. The order also prohibits Tertel from purchasing, owning, or possessing a firearm during the protection period.

Tertel was first elected to the Lehigh County Republican committee in November of 2018, and served as a committeewoman until she resigned in April of 2019 amidst the scandal.

Tertel’s facebook page is seen riddled with guns, military men, politicians, and political operatives. She is often seen voicing opposition to universal background checks, red flag laws, regulations on assault rifles and high capacity magazines, despite having an active restraining order against her for abusive conduct.

Tertel has long been a familiar face, not only in Lehigh County politics but also in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. posing for photos with prominent politicians at Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. According to friends and former associates of Tertel’s, she has long branded herself as a distinguished Pennsylvania Constitutional, and international law attorney for years, even handing out business cards from an Australian  law firm from which she claimed to be employed.

A photo of her business card was provided to us, and can be seen here. However upon further research it was found that Kristie Tertel is not employed as an attorney with Clayton Utz Law Firm in Sydney Australia, and not registered as an attorney in Australia, the State of Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the country. There is also no record of Tertel ever attending law school or passing the bar exam. When an alleged law firm of whom she claimed to be employed was reached for comment, they said, “Kristie Tertel is not an employee of the company, and we have no record indicating that she has ever been employed within the firm.”

On October 10, 2018 at a Citizens for Liberty Town Hall “Firearms Forum-Common sense  Solutions,”  Tertel was introduced as representing the Republican Party on the panel as a “Pennsylvania Constitutional and International Law Attorney,” who, “recently spoke in front of the SCOTUS on the 10th anniversary of the DC vs. Heller decision.” A clip of her introduction can be viewed here:

When the group was later asked about the controversial introduction the group stated that, “we were just relaying the information that Kristie had provided to us in her biography.”

The debate seemed to go South when Tertel argued that the “Gun Show Loophole” was “Fake News” stating, “There is no such thing, from my understanding of the law as a “gun show loophole”; that is, “Fake News,” ok? Please correct me if i’m wrong.” This was much to the dismay of her fellow Republican panelists.  The segment of the panel can be viewed here:


This of course, drew speculation about Tertel’s credentials as a lawyer, resulting in an investigation which found her alleged credentials as a lawyer to be fake.

Tertel also claimed during the conservative panel in Bucks County that she placed second in the nation in the national spartan race stating “I run Spartan Races competitively, 10 to 20 miles for fun; I usually place between 1 and 3 in the nation..right now I’m number 2”. However After further research, it appears that Tertel never placed at all in the Spartan Race, and hasn’t ever placed in the history of the race.In fact, the 2nd was place finish in the nation is held by Kaci Monroe, a Physical Therapist, business owner, and resident of Big Fork Montana, according to the official roster of Spartan Race Inc.

Tertel also stated that after winning the  #2 spot in the nation she became arrogant” stating “I became so arrogant, that I asked myself what do I need a gun for? I have these” while flexing her biceps to the audience. She then pulled out a cell phone and showed a photo which appeared to be a bruised face from alleged domestic violence, insituatiing the need to protect herself from a domestic abuser. However upon further research, it appears that the wounds were self-inflicted.

Tertel also stated during the panel  that she grew up playing NCAA ice hockey with guys  stating that she was the “only chick on the team”.


However  upon further research it was found that Tertel was not the only female on the team as she had stated, but rather one of all, beings that is was a woman’s team, and all of the players on the team were female.

Party officials also claimed, that during a Lehigh County Executive committee meeting on Second Amendment rights, Tertel stood up and  introduced herself as an Executive Board Member of The Second Amendment Institute, a gun rights advocacy group in Washington DC, however a quick call to the institutes’s President, confirmed that Tertel was not on the board of directors, and was never involved with the organization in any official capacity.

According to both local and state political operatives, Kristie Tertel has also claimed to friends, acquaintances, and associates that she was recently hired, and is actively employed by the Trump 2020 Campaign Committee to lead women’s outreach for the 2020 election cycle in Pennsylvania.  However, a source familiar with Trump 2020 campaign operations confirmed that Kristie Tertel was not hired, and is not actively employed by the Trump Campaign stating, “any assertion to the contrary is false.”

Kristie is also no stranger to controversy surrounding the #metoo movement and sexual allegations. The latest being in the Republican Primary congressional race for PA-7. It has been confirmed by multiple sources within the party, that during the primary,  Tertel, being in early support of candidate Dean Browning, was involved in the manufacturing and spreading of false allegations of sexual misconduct of then candidate Marty Nothestein. Nothestein was later cleared of wrongdoing, and went on to defeat Browning in the primary, but was later defeated by Susan Wild in the general election.

A comprehensive sweep of Tertel’s social media accounts found that Tertel has been making a myriad of allegations about other individuals as well, more specifically members within the Republican party when upon further research were found two be false.  When one of the individuals were reached for comment, they explained that the allegations were false, and defamatory, and were currently being handled as a legal matter.

Multiple groups, including the Lehigh Valley Young Republicans, the Lehigh Valley Republican Party, as well as the Lehigh County Republican Committee and other Republican and conservative groups in Washington D.C. have all been said to have distanced themselves from Tertel and the controversy.

It is unclear what Kristie Tertel plans to do with what remains of her forged career, but it seems as though it is quickly coming to an end before even getting started.




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