Update: Turning Point USA Students Call on Candace Owens to Step Down

Mark Everest Lutchman, a BLEXIT ambassador, and pro Trump influencer for Turning Point USA, has been accused of sexual assault

Poised in the East Wing of the Trump White House on a red velvet couch, wearing a tailored suit, and sear silk tie, Mark Lutchman is seen raising his glass in toast. He prides himself as a “24 year-old black conservative Trump Supporter” who is “on a mission to wake up liberal America from the lies and corruption of the Democrat party,” according to his website.

Mark Lutchman toasts in the East Wing of the White House at the Young Black Leadership Summit on October 26, 2018

You may recognize Lutchman from his raspy rants, or his right-wing videos, his controversial twitter posts, his collaborations with Candace Owens, or his innumerable requests for donations on his quest to lead black voters away from the Democrat party, and into the arms of Donald Trump; but there is a different side of this controversial social media fire brand that has recently come to light.

Mark Everest Lutchman, a conservative pro Trump Philadelphia native and rising social media star, is being accused of holding an underage girl hostage in a hotel room and sexually assaulting her at Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit in October of 2018. Documents show that hotel room was located inside the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel in Washington D.C and was paid for by Turning Point USA. The identity of the victim has been withheld due to the fact that she is still a juvenile, and not yet an adult. Mark Lutchman is 24 years-old, according to a Police Report, and verified court documents obtained by HBG100.

The alleged assault was first reported to friends of the victim who were also attendees at Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington D.C . According to friends and sources familiar with the situation, the victim sent text messages to a friend during the alleged assault pleading for help, saying that Lutchman was holding her hostage in a hotel room, ‘refusing to let her leave.’ “He is trying to F**k me!” text messages revealed.

Jermain Botsio, who is also a BLEXIT ambassador and pro Trump Influencer for Turning Point USA was also said to have been in the room when the alleged assault took place according to friends of the victim.


Owens, Lutchman

At first, the victim expressed anxiety in reporting the assault for fear of retaliation, and being silenced by Mark Lutchman, Candace Owens, and other Turning Point USA leadership. Megan Harris, also a BLEXIT ambassador and pro Trump Influencer for Turning Point USA, and girlfriend of Mark Lutchman who is also a BLEXIT ambassador, allegedly discouraged the victim from reporting the assault to the police, and tried to cover up the allegations saying, “It would get Mark banned from TPUSA events and ruin his relationship with Candace Owens,” but after encouragement from friends she “had the strength to come forward.”

According to friends of the victim, the alleged assault was eventually reported to Brandon Tatum, the event organizer who serves as a Chief BLEXIT promoter. Tatum recently took a news segment on Fox News with Judge Jeanine to urge President Trump to support BLEXIT in that it was vital to the success of his re-election efforts in 2020. Tatum also serves as Turning Point USA’s Director of Urban Engagement according to his Instagram page.

According to sources familiar with the situation, the report prompted agitation, and a “lackadaisical investigation” by Turning Point USA staff, as the event organizers wished the situation had been handled privately for fear of garnering bad press and upsetting the donors.”

Whether or not the donors, or advisory board members, at Turning Point USA are aware of the situation is undetermined.

Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA , and Candace Owens watch President Trump speak to attendees at the Young Black Leadership Summit on October 26, 2018

Although the current status of the investigation is unknown, Lutchman has since appeared to have been removed from the speaker’s roster at the BLEXIT launch in Los Angeles California, and although Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum have invited others, it has been confirmed that Mark Lutchman “has not been invited to attend” the Reception Honoring Black History Month with President Trump, and First Lady Melania at the White House this Thursday, February 21st.

This is believed to be due largely in part to the substantiation of the serious allegations leveled against Lutchman. Lutchman’s girlfriend Megan Harris, who was said to have been involved in concealing the allegations against Lutchman has been invited and expected to be in attendance due to a recent screenshot of the invitation attached to fundraiser posted to her social media requesting donations to fund her travel expenses to and from the event.

There appears to be a spectrum of pro Trump black activists invited to the reception at the White House Including Tony-X Antioine Tucker, an African American doctor and minister who boasted publicly on Instagram about “shooting at people” and “fucking people up” at the White House. He posted his invitation on his Instagram account saying that he will “be making sure every black man and woman that hears my voice will be voting for Trump.”

To say the least, Mark Lutchman has certainly had an interesting journey on social media as well, particularly on twitter with his well engaged audience and his controversial commentary pertaining to victims of sexual assault. On October 1st 2018 during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing Mark tweeted, “If Mrs. Ford really wants to prove she isn’t in this for herself, I’m calling for her to donate 100% of her GoFundMe profits to groups benefiting victims of sexual assault.” Lutchman also sent a tweet calling on President Trump to “release the names of every congressman that settled sexual harassment claims with taxpayers money.” In a later tweet, he expressed extreme interest in sharing a beer with Brett Kavanaugh upon his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Neither Turning Point USA, or Candace Owens are strangers to controversy surrounding allegations of sexual assault at their events. In June of 2018, The Washington Examiner reported “Turning Point USA struggles with allegations of sexual assault.” While Splinter News simultaniously reported that “Turning Point USA Inadequately reacted to Alleged Assaults.”

Splinter News also reported that According to the Examiner, at TPUSA’s 2017 Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, a student told a TPUSA staffer that she woke up that night to a male student “groping her and shoving his hands down her pants.” When she reported the incident, TPUSA’s response was shockingly inadequate. According to the paper, “They also weren’t equipped to deal with the distraught student whom one staffer says reported sexual assault last December. “I told her if she thought she was truly assaulted she needed to call the cops and, if she was raped, she needed to go to the hospital,” the staffer remembers. They didn’t even think to record the girls name because “when she came up it was so hectic that no one knew what to do.”

According the the Examiner, “One woman said that a perpetrator tried unsuccessfully to push her into a closet. A second said the perpetrator shoved her against the wall of an elevator and “stuck his tongue down my throat.” A third said the perpetrator “pinned” her onto a hotel bed.

“He was pressuring me to do stuff with him and I kept saying ‘no, I want to leave,’” the woman remembers, explaining that it was hard for her to escape because “he was really drunk and he was laying on top of me.” The episode allegedly ended when another student discovered him atop her.”

One young woman reported that she was sexually assaulted and “groped repeatedly” by another attendee in the East Wing of the White House during the Young Black Leadership Summit while waiting to hear President Trump address the attendees.

Recently, in an unsusceptible tirade on Twitter, Candace Owens, who serves as Turning Point USA’s Communications Director appeared to publicly mock the sexual assault victims that had come forward tweeting:
“The entire premise of #metoo is that women are stupid, weak & inconsequential.
Too stupid to know what men might want if you come to their hotel room late at night.
Too weak to turn around and tell someone not to touch your ass again.
Too inconsequential to realize this.”
Thus prompting many women to stay silent for “fear of public embarrassment and retaliation from Candace Owens.”

CandaceOwens appears to have been recently confirmed as a guestspeaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) next week in Washington D.C. according to a recent tweet from Matt Schlapp who currently serves as the Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU) stating “Candace happy to have you and applaud your courage to speak your mind through all the hate. These are tough and interesting times.”

Owens is still planning to speak at the event, much to the displeasure of those planning to attend, many of whom have taken to twitter to voice their displeasure with the decision, including Heath Mayo, a Texas Conservative who has suggested that “Instead of CPAC this year, principled conservatives should huddle at a different hotel during the same days (Mar 1-2) to stand up & reject CPAC’s steady abandonment of our principles.”

This is not Mark Lutchmans first brush with alleged criminal activity, and is not likely to be the last. In June of 2011, documents show that Lutchman was arrested and charged with committing a “hazardous physical offense.” In June of 2014 he was arrested and charged with “Engaging in fighting,” and in December of 2015 was arrested and charged with “Harassment.” Lutchman was most was recently was accused of “simple battery” of an attendee at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach Florida, according to Police Reports, and verified court documents obtained by HBG100.

The investigations appear to be ongoing, and whether or not Mark Lutchman has officially been charged with sexual assault is undetermined.

Mark Lutchman has not responded to a request for comment. Turning Point USA has not yet offered a statement on this incident.

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  1. Next time you try to create a smear campaign against TPUSA and Candace Owens, ask the victim what happened instead of going off of accounts of people that weren’t even there.



    1. Do you think this actually happened? The news sight looks Conservative



      1. Several of the “facts” are wrong, and it’s misleading. And plenty of conservatives are quite anti-TPUSA for various reasons.


  2. I am the director of Urban Engagement for TPUSA. This is a False document/smear done by someone simply hating on Mark. I spoke to both parties involved. This is an inaccurate article.

    Sad that someone wrote this to shame this young man.



    1. are you saying that a sexual assault didn’t happen? I attended YBLS and everyone knows it happened. The girl and what about all the other reported assaults and attempted rapes? This article is dead on and they way you talked to the young girls (including me) at the event was disgusting



  3. Leftists use the same Alinsky-ite tactics, even when they’re doing it on the Right. And make no mistake – at this point the political Right is also badly infected with these Soviet-era tactics. The headline itselfs assumes that there was a “victim” which of course is not proven. This is yet another political hit piece, void of facts, big on the exploitation of emotion. But then we know facts don’t matter to the communist left. Only power.



  4. Mark Lutchman has been banned from all current as well as future Turning Point USA properties, conferences, and events.



  5. Brinton Resto May 1, 2020 at 12:17 pm

    Dear HBG100.com, Please call Brinton Resto at Minc Law about this article. Phone (216) 373-7706.



  6. Dont you love the word alleged. It usually means we have no evidence but we will say it regardless.



  7. Uncle Paul Weiner April 10, 2021 at 9:49 am

    I am so sorry, Brinton Pesto.



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