Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Throughout Donald J. Trump’s 2016 campaign for President, his open supporters were ridiculed, mocked, and slandered. Against all odds, these Americans stood tall believing in prosperity for everyone, despite the perception of being hated by their progressive neighbors.

The individual efforts of many were validated by the silent majority of Trump supporters in November 2016. As a result of times changing with the new Presidential administration, the conservative agenda has several new voices in Pennsylvania. Perhaps these media figures will help to lead Pennsylvania and America towards another 4 years of prosperity.

Kevin Martin, a student in the greater Lehigh Valley region, recently joined the cast of YourTake on PBS39.

YourTake focuses on a diverse set of current topics.

Marc Scaringi has also recently found media success. His exclusive content is circulating on national television, radio, newspaper, and social media including nationally published bi-weekly editorials, network television interviews, live weekly radio broadcast, Facebook live videos, YouTube channel, and on Twitter.

Marc Scaringi, Harrisburg PA, was endorsed as a 2016 delegate by candidate Trump.

“The Marc Scaringi Show” airs weekly, Saturday’s at 1pm on WHP580 AM Radio throughout Central & Southeastern Pennsylvania, and is simultaneously broadcast internationally on iHeart Radio, and on Harrisburg100 Facebook Live.

Scaringi was roasted by GQ magazine for his bold conservative hair style.

Marc Scaringi’s bi-weekly editorial columns are featured in Pennlive, The Patriot News, as well as a variety of other major publications.

Scaringi was trolled heavily on twitter after his editorial was published by Pennlive headlined “Parkland ‘survivor‘ David Hogg needs a rhetorical spanking.”

Scaringi Law on Facebook airs short “lunch break” video segments throughout the work week.

*This content has been updated to correct Kevin Martin’s information

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