Harrisburg, PA – Local controversy may be leading to a new conservative venture.

The story begins when a series of controversial text messages last week were leaked by Laura Loomer, conservative civilian journalist from a young republican influencer named Kevin Martin.  In the private text messages Martin confronted Loomer with some harsh language regarding a political publicity stunt she staged in attempts to embarrass PA 9th District Congressional candidate Dan Meuser.  Local Pennsylvania oppositions campaigns both in the 9th District as well as the gubernatorial race and internet podcasts wasted no time condemning Martin and trying to demonize him for political gain.

One of these local PA podcasters, rumored to be working for the Paul Mango for Governor campaign, launched a series of politically charged attacks on Kevin Martin as well as an unlikely figure named Justin Feagley.

It’s unclear how Feagley became involved in the controversy or that he had any involvement outside of being named by the host of the facebook live video which intended to expose and extort Kevin Martin into being a guest on the podcast show.

It was then learned that Feagley was a previous guest on the podcast and also was attacked by the show host for declining to come back on the show.  It was these recent joint attacks that may be leading to a partnership and podcast show of their own by Kevin Martin and Justin Feagley.

It certainly wouldn’t be a no budget venture, and it most definitely would not be fake news.

Justin Feagley stated “There are rumors and quite frankly a lot of support for the idea of Kevin and I doing some sort of show so it’s something being talked about.  Kevin is a very talented person and would definitely be fun to work with”

Kevin Martin commented regarding the potential show saying  “there is certainly a need for true grass root alternative media that reports on real news and embraces diversity within the party and doesn’t discourage it”

It’s unknown at this time when a show could launch or what the exact format would be other than “it certainly wouldn’t be a no budget venture, and it most definitely would not be fake news.” The two have been said to be gathering feedback from influential sources as well as financial backers.  They are confident they can secure whatever resources necessary to ensure a success.


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  1. Justin was not attacked for not coming back to the show. He wasnt attacked at all. I guess Fake News even comes out on this outlet.



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