Kevin Martin has been targeted by PA Republicans who support Scott Uehlinger in the new 9th Congressional District. They are now calling for Meuser to step down on account of his association with Martin.

Following a recent expose on Meuser by Laura Loomer, a private message dispute erupted between the author and Kevin Martin, which Laura then exposed. Kevin later spoke out against allegations that he calls slanderous. 

A debate was held Monday night in Lebanon featuring the candidates of the 9th Congressional District. Following the debate, there has been little mention of the dispute between the camps of Uehlinger and Meuser, while much of the mainstream focus is on which candidates will support the legalization of marijuana.

Kevin Martin has 41k followers on facebook, and certainly has some influence via his social media platform.


Politics is a dirty game, especially in PA, and unfortunately at this point in the primaries republican surrogates are turning on one another with many attacks.

Steve Johansen, founder of M.A.G. PAC in central PA, responded to McFadden’s criticism of Martin. Johansen’s overall message has continued to rally for unity within the Republican party.

After some further banter and calls for unity from Johansen, the conversation drew to a close.

With his sight set beyond the primary election, Johansen has been steady on his stance for unity within the party.

Other republicans have endorsed their candidate of choice in PA’s 9th Congressional District. Scott Uehlinger is campaigning as a solid Trump supporter.


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