03/05/2018 – Update: Friendly fire killed deputy marshal in Harrisburg shootout

Initial Report: Harrisburg, PA – It has been a difficult stretch for Police throughout the nation as attacks on law enforcement continue to escalate, particularly in urban America. This marks the 4th recent incident of police being targeted and taking fire in the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Christopher D. Hill, 45     U.S. Army veteran       U.S. Marshals Service

Unfortunately, multiple officers where struck by gunfire while serving a warrant in the city’s Allison Hill section this week. Three police officers were injured in the shootout and the gunman killed Christopher Hill, a of an elite member of the U.S. Marshals.

Members of the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force were serving an arrest warrant to Shayla Lynette Towles Pierce, who was wanted for allegedly making terroristic threats, U.S. Attorney David Freed said.

While Pierce was being handcuffed, a man who was in the house fired his gun, striking Hill and York City Police Officer Kyle Pitts, officials said. Hill was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead about 20 minutes later.

The shooting suspect fled through the front of the home while he continued to fire at law enforcement, officials said. He was killed by return fire during the incident. – Fox News


The gunman crept around a parked car and then ran down the street, according to Stinson and other neighbors, as officers fired at him. The gunman darted back in between two parked cars, and officers lost sight of him in the darkness.

An officer walked down the sidewalk with a flashlight as a neighbor pointed out where the gunman was last seen.


That’s when the officer spotted the gunman hiding under a vehicle.

“Don’t move!” the officer shouted.

Neighbors then heard the officer fire about 15 gunshots. After that, another officer pointed a rifle to the gunman’s head and repeated the command, “Don’t move.” – Pennlive

The gunman was later identified as Kevin Sturgis, who was killed by police during the shootout. Initially, his girlfriend Pierce was the target of the warrant in the 1800 block of Mulberry Street. It was later revealed that Sturgis had 2 active warrants from Philadelphia for weapons violations, and had a lengthy criminal history including rape and burglary.

Harrisburg resident and commercial real estate developer Beau Brown lives within blocks of the 2 most recent Police Shootouts. He is also the founder of the ‘Friends of Allison Hill‘ organization.  In response to the suggestion of Harrisburg being ground zero in the war on police, Brown says “It’s also ground zero to combat the war on police. We are part of that army.”

Considering the recent shootout events on this block, as well as the protests and other attacks on law enforcement in Harrisburg, the Capital City is beginning to look like a haven for anti-Police activity. Locally, heavy far-left political rhetoric has contributed to this distrust of Police.

To add insult to injury, parking officials in the City of Harrisburg made no exceptions for the Law Enforcement Officers. They were cashing in on the opportunity to ticket U.S. Marshal’s vehicles from out of town who rushed to the hospital.

More bad news came when it was determined that some neighbors whose cars were damaged during the gunfire will be stuck paying the bill for repairs out of their own pocket, with no help from the Police Department.

Coincidentally, it was on the 1700 block of Mulberry Street where another deadly shootout with police occurred just before Christmas, less than one month prior. The case is under investigation as an act of terrorism.

While no confirmed connection to ISIS has been established, Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty may have been inspired by an extremist organization. He recently traveled to the Middle East, then purchased weapons and ammunition upon his return. El-Mofty is from Egypt where religious terrorist attacks during the holidays are frequent.

National pundits suggested the El-Mofty attack to potentially be an Islamic response to President Trump’s recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. But it was local speculation about the recent sentencing of an ISIS affiliate who was operating online from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that brought up the very real nexus to terrorism in the Capital City.

Jalil Aziz operated for ISIS using social media platforms. On twitter, he spread a list of U.S. military to be assassinated. This extreme and violent ideology has become normalized with many urban youth in America and worldwide. For instance, the AntiFA girl who stabbed a police horse during a violent protest in Harrisburg is yet another example of a radicalized youth who has been indoctrinated by the far left anti-Police movement to sow discord and create a divide in the general American public.

Police horse Sampson was assaulted during the same Harrisburg protest demonstration in June where AntiFA kids used rudimentary chemical weapons against the police in Harrisburg. This resulted in Harrisburg Police requesting an additional $65,000 for improved riot gear.

Harrisburg Police have taken many shots over the years. Shawn McCoy was recently sentenced 28 – 60 years for shooting at police during a getaway chase from the scene of an armed robbery outside of Shady McGrady’s in Midtown Harrisburg. The chase led officers through narrow alleys in Uptown Harrisburg, and featured McCoy hanging out of the window taking aim at Harrisburg Police Officer Angel Diaz. The police car suffered damage, while officer Diaz was uninjured.

01/31/2018 – Update: Another suspect took aim at Harrisburg Police today, using his vehicle as a weapon. Albert Morton accelerated his car toward a uniformed officer, and was then shot by police.


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