The biased media continues to peddle narratives of the newly recognized terrorist organization AntiFA, while discrediting the Patriotic supporters of Trump and America.

Main Stream Media – Your Bias is Showing 

By: Amy Thomas & Sean Guay – The Sunbury American/ Harrisburg100

The narrative of the main stream media has been overwhelmingly clear over the past two weeks as reports of the domestic terrorist group known as AntiFA surfaced as to their intent on desecrating monuments and burning flags at the 154th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Several outlets have been in touch with the domestic terrorist group, including Dustin Levy with The Evening Sun.

In his article he states that in an email exchange:
“The rumors about the Gettysburg protest stemmed from a fake Facebook page called “Harrisburg AntiFA.” “This page is not run by antifascists but by alt-right trolls attempting to discredit AntiFA, create confusion, and attempt to stir violence,” the email stated.
Furthermore, AntiFA took exception to the allegation that they would be desecrating graves, especially in Gettysburg, “a site of great historical importance in the struggle of oppression,” the email said. “That battle was a turning point in the war that eventually lead to the freeing of millions of slaves,” Central PA AntiFA said. “The Confederacy and their ideology were dealt a resounding defeat at that battle, as fascism itself will one day be defeated by the will of all people to be free from oppression.”

CNN will not use the word AntiFA in its reporting, and the other MSM peddle a narrative developed through the terrorist organization

So when did we start giving a domestic terrorist group any credibility? And yes, according to New Jersey Department of Homeland Security dated June 12th, 2017 they stated Anarchist Extremists: AntiFA – Domestic Terrorism: Anti-fascist groups, or “AntiFA,” are a subset of the anarchist movement and focus on issues involving racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism, as well as other perceived injustices.

Where is main stream media going with this? Yet another example of biased reporting was from Andy Campbell with The Huffington Post.

In his article written with Christopher Mathias, he states “A few hundred armed militia group members, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Ku Klux Klaners, supporters of President Donald Trump, and other self-described patriots descended upon the Gettysburg battlefield Saturday to defend the site’s Confederate symbols from phantom activists with the violent far-left group Antifa.

During the peaceful rally, he interviewed several people then went on to write a piece depicting the individuals in a negative light and even further adding insult to injury, incorrectly spelling their names, what groups they were with then going so far as to post pictures of innocent children that were later taken down due to the outrage from the public.

What happened to news being just that….NEWS? When did reporting the facts become a thing of the past? Sensationalism, site traffic, click bait, is this what we really want to read in our newspapers or see in our social media feeds? No, it is not.

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