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By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – We currently have a number of candidates that are running for an ‘office of trust’ in the election for Harrisburg School Board Director. Some of the candidates have felony convictions on their criminal record. Per current PA state law, these candidates are forbidden from serving this office.

Initially, these felony campaigners were called into question for various reasons, and at one point, two of the candidates were requested by the court to remove their name from the ballot as being ineligible to serve the office for which they are campaigning. However, they did resist that order, and as time has passed, and the candidates bid for office have become established in our community, the potential for a historic election has become a reality.

The state laws would have to be changed in order for these candidates to serve, should they be elected to office.

A new effort to change the PA State law was recently announced by the Chairman of Political Action Committee at NAACP PA State Conference:

“We’re currently working on it in the statehouse at present. This will be a deliberative process (as a Constitutional Amendment is required) and we are currently undertaking stakeholder engagement efforts. The DA is reviewing are preliminary draft.”

Come Tuesday, through the votes that are cast, the citizens of Harrisburg will voice their collective opinion of who is qualified to fill these seats.

History will be made if a candidate with a felony record is elected to this ‘office of trust.’

Look for an update this week.


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