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By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – On his 100th Day as President, Donald Trump thanked Pennsylvania for voting him into office, while Democratic Harrisburg voters thrashed back in heavy protests. It was Trump who tweeted out that Harrisburg looks like a ‘warzone,’ after his visit to the city last year. The local community is passionate about the city and will not let him live that comment down, until he does right by Harrisburg.

Tonight, in the beautiful Capital City of Pennsylvania, he did just that.

President Donald Trump signed two executive orders on trade before his rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night.

“We believe in ‘Made in the USA,’ and it’s coming back faster and faster,” Trump said. “We’ve taken unprecedented steps to bring back American wealth, American jobs and American dreams.”

One of the orders directs a review of all existing trade agreements and the second establishes an Office of Trade and Manufacturing. – CNN

Among other topics, Trump called out MS-13, the violent street gang who haunt American cities. He reviewed his plans to take back control of our country and inner cities. He cited the staggering reduction in illegal border crossing at our southern border with Mexico.

Holding firm to his ongoing feud involving the biased main stream media, President Trump ditched the tradition of attending the Correspondents Dinner, and he instead held an incredible rally for his loyal supporters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to celebrate his first 100 days in the White House.

Vice President Mike Pence introduces President Donald J. Trump at his 100-day rally: “Our new president is doing exactly what he said he would do.” 

Vice President Pence accompanied the President at this grand event in the Capital City of Pennsylvania, where the well-groomed finesse in his powerful speech provided a fitting introduction for our new President.

The venue of the Farm Show Expo Building is familiar for President Trump, who at the same location as a candidate, held a rally prior to last years election. It was at that rally when The West Shore Boys (M.A.G.) showed up HUGE for Trump, and this weekends event served as a homecoming to his primary base of supporters who helped elevate him into the White House.

One leader of the West Shore Boys is quite certain that President Trump chose this day to coincide with the celebration of his own birthday. He also attributes the heavy police presence in Harrisburg to the need for protection of the West Shore Boys. – Happy Birthday, Flinchy.

An obvious nudge was made towards his loyal Central PA supporters, when President Trump made a ceremonial stop in the heart of the West Shore’s manufacturing hub, where he signed two very important Executive Orders on this day at Ames True Temper, a shovel manufacturer.

The first order will conduct an in-depth review of our International Trade Agreements. Specifically, the order is to determine whether America is being treated fairly by its trading partners and the 164-nation World Trade Organization.

The second order will guarantee the future of American Manufacturing, by establishing an Office of Trade and Manufacturing.

Cops threatened to arrest me during my ‘bicycle survey’ of the Trump Rally outdoor festivities pregame 
(Police Helicopter Hovers Overhead)

Of course, these measures are not sufficient to the calls by Trump opposition. The liberal media has already portrayed Trump’s speech divisive, at a time when the country is desperate for unity.

Will this be the catalyst needed to rebuild the ‘warzone’ City of Harrisburg? That remains to be seen.

South Harrisburg continues to struggle in the original so-called ‘warzone’ section where the 2014 Sinkhole Disaster occurred, for which the city is depending on the federal government for funding, but they fear Trump’s proposed cuts to HUD could hurt the Obama approved bid for assistance.

More recently, in regards to the Sinkhole disaster in Harrisburg, Steve Johansen of the West Shore Boys commented: “The Federal Gov’t shouldn’t pay for anything in Harrisburg. Period.”

Many protestors lined up and rallied hard to opposed the positions and values of the Trump and the republicans. Some protestors were hardline Democrats, and other groups were well represented who are emerging in the political turmoil that has surfaced as a result of the election fallout.

Independent Harrisburg Mayoral Candidate Chris Siennick, who organized ‘base camp’ for the resistance movement near the entrance to the MaClay Street Bridge says “The West Shore Boys Ain’t Shit,” in response to recent probing from the republican group. The West Shore Boys hold conservative values and strong positions in opposition of Siennick’s Anarchist ideology.

At the bridge shortly before the rally was to begin, Harrisburg Chief of Police Carter encountered activist and protest leader Katherine Lugaro, he informed her and the large group of angry marchers/protestors that the Federal Secret Service had halted all vehicular and foot traffic across the MaClay Street bridge. By doing this, the cops trapped the protestors inside the general vicinity of Uptown Harrisburg, which is fully separated from Trump’s arena by the railroad corridor and a creek.

Lugaro’s push toward the MaClay Street Bridge

Trump supporter faces off with Dems in a heated debate

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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