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Update: Papenfuse Is Running a Negative Campaign

By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – Instead of standing up on behalf of the tax paying citizens in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Mayor Papenfuse wants to engage in a battle of political ideology. This is a battle that he cannot win. Taking on President Trump through the Mayors Office is not a political maneuver that city residents stand to gain anything from.


Also happening this week, Papenfuse and Harrisburg Police have been quiet on a horrible Robbery/Murder crime that has rattled the community. In a tragedy that went down looking like a broad daylight execution style murder in the heart of a residential community in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, city residents have not yet been reassured of their safety by the Mayor. Harrisburg citizens haven’t been made aware of any new measures to combat the violence associated with the heavy drug trade that is plaguing this city.

Papenfuse has not issued any statement on this recent event, it has been 5 days. This tragedy is one that still has a surreal feeling to the affected families, as well as the neighbors in the community that are being impacted by this drug related violence.

In a move that has backfired dreadfully for the Mayor, he has ignored the tragedy that occured in the neighborhood, and instead attemtped to use the stage of the Presidetial Visit to our city, as a platform for him to help others launch a stand against the ideology of our United States President.

Exclusive for Harrisburg100 Mayoral Candidates Jennie Jenkins, and Anthony Harrell have issued statements in response to the tragedy that occurred Tuesday April 25 at the intersection of N. 3rd & Muench Streets.

Jennie Jenkins

As a former Police Officer in the City of Harrisburg, crime reduction is a primary objective of Jenkins campaign. With her real life experience of how things actually work in the tough streets of Harrisburg, Jenkins qualifications exceed those who are relying on text book knowledge.


Jenkins says: “It’s a terrible thing to hear of someone being murdered, whether it is from Harrisburg or any other city in the world. It’s too early to say if they came to Harrisburg specifically to cause trouble, or to murder, because that would be interpreted as premeditated. The truth is that this senseless and cowardly act did occur in Harrisburg City. I believe that the Harrisburg Police are among the best in the country, and they have an excellent track record of successful investigations. I pray that all family and friends of both the victim and alleged persons who committed this murder, can find calm during this time.”

When I suggested to Jenkins that the shooter might want “payback” on the victim for a previous bad drug deal, and that also, there is supposedly another female co-conspirator who was in on the current drug deal and maybe helped set up the robbery, Jenkins replied: “Now I believe that, based on previous incidients in Harrisburg.”

Look for the Harrisburg100 follow up on the Robbery/Murder case very soon, included exclusive interviews with the witnesses.

Of the local tradgey, Anthony Harrell says: “Violence is spreading all over the county, but its a Law enforcement issue and I fully support them and pray for the victims and their families”

Papenfuse Easily Persuaded

Is Papenfuse trying to protect his developer buddy Hartzler, who doesn’t want to scare away renters and buyers from midtown, and simultaneously trying to appease him by making a political stand on National Television against President Trump in his most recent public statement?
“What the Democrats are selling isn’t working” – Fox News


Instead of building a rapport with our new President, Papenfuse instead decided to hold a counter-rally against Trump supporters, and “hopes that Trump learns from his mistake of calling Harrisburg a warzone.”

Mayor Papenfuse’s right hand man, Finance Director Bruce Weber admitted today that Papenfuse was pressured by the State Democratic Party to speak out against President Trump. He believes that Papenfuse would have preferred to stay silent on making this political.
What more can be said of a Mayor who is so easily influenced by the old-guard powers that have controlled Harrisburg for too long. It is not a good look for the implications on Papenfuse’s current bid to remain the Mayor of our fair city.
Papenfuse was quick to jump on the Democratic party bandwagon to bash Trump, at a time when Harrisburg is depending on the President and the Federal Government for emergency disaster funding as a result of the sinkhole disaster block in South Harrisburg. Residents of that street have been suffering in a state of limbo since the street collapsed in 2014.


On his 100th Day as President, Donald Trump thanked Pennsylvania for voting him into office, while Democratic Harrisburg voters thrashed back in heavy protests. It was Trump who tweeted out that Harrisburg looks like a ‘warzone,’ after his visit to the city last year. The local community is passionate about the city and will not let him live that comment down, until he does right by Harrisburg.
Tonight, in the beautiful Capital City of Pennsylvania, he did just that.

President Donald Trump signed two executive orders on trade before his rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night.

“We believe in ‘Made in the USA,’ and it’s coming back faster and faster,” Trump said. “We’ve taken unprecedented steps to bring back American wealth, American jobs and American dreams.”

One of the orders directs a review of all existing trade agreements and the second establishes an Office of Trade and Manufacturing. – CNN

Among other topics, Trump called out MS-13, the violent street gang who haunt American cities. He reviewed his plans to take back control of our country and inner cities. He cited the staggering reduction in illegal border crossing at our southern border with Mexico.

Holding firm to his ongoing feud involving the biased main stream media, President Trump ditched the tradition of attending the Correspondents Dinner, and he instead held an incredible rally for his loyal supporters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to celebrate his first 100 days in the White House.

The first order will conduct an in-depth review of our International Trade Agreements. Specifically, the order is to determine whether America is being treated fairly by its trading partners and the 164-nation World Trade Organization.

The second order will guarantee the future of American Manufacturing, by establishing an Office of Trade and Manufacturing.

Of course, these measures are not sufficient to the calls by Trump opposition. The liberal media has already portrayed Trump’s speech divisive, at a time when the country is desperate for unity.


Will this be the catalyst needed to rebuild the ‘warzone’ City of Harrisburg? That remains to be seen.

South Harrisburg continues to struggle in the original so-called ‘warzone’ section where the 2014 Sinkhole Disaster occurred, for which the city is depending on the federal government for funding, but they fear Trump’s proposed cuts to HUD could hurt the Obama approved bid for assistance.

Papenfuses actions this week in no way help Harrisburg’s bid for federal assistance, when President Trump is already fed up with the childish meltdown style reactions from the Democrats ever since losing the election.



And the activists who made up a good portion of the counter-protest aren’t happy about the way they were played by Papenfuse and the city, who abruptly ended their march against Trump at the entrance to the MaClay Street Bridge, just before the rally was set to begin.
Independent Harrisburg Mayoral Candidate Chris Siennick, organized ‘base camp’ for the resistance movement near the entrance to the MaClay Street Bridge. At the bridge shortly before the rally was to begin, Harrisburg Chief of Police Carter encountered activist and protest leader Katherine Lugaro, he informed her and the large group of angry marchers/protesters that the Federal Secret Service had halted all vehicular and foot traffic across the
MaClay Street bridge.
By doing this, the cops trapped the protesters inside the general vicinity of Uptown Harrisburg, which is fully separated from Trump’s arena by the railroad corridor and a creek.

Timothy Rowbottom

Tim Rowbottom is also very politically active, specifically in the City of Harrisburg where he protested against Papenfuse with Siennick and Lugaro. Here is Rowbottom’s comments on the Trump rally and this protest:
“It’s understandable that there were protests. No big deal.. What I think is a disservice to the city is the mayor doing what he did. Here’s why: Last year Hillary came to Harrisburg twice during her campaign. They even moved the red lights around for better photo ops. I asked Bruce Weber if the city got paid for that. He said no. I asked him if he billed the campaign. He said not yet. He said campaigns are slow to pay anyway. Then I saw him in public and he said the reason they didn’t invoice Hilary was because when she wins she will give a $2 Million grant to the city. Well… she didn’t win. And because of that, no $2 Million dollar grant. But.. the city still needs that $2 Million, right? And they are out of the costs for accommodations for those two Hilary visits.”
Rowbottom continues: “Today, Bruce Weber insisted they are going to be billing the president first this week. How does the mayor or city, expect to pursue a $2 Million grant that the city needs still, if the mayor is out bashing the president who potentially could decide if that $2 Million came to us or not? How in all reason and honesty, has the mayor’s act helped the city as a whole. And does it not hurt the region if the city is not on track?
And what does it say, when the mayor can protest the President and expect free rein, but has the police push Kathy Lugaro and Chris Seinnick across the street while they protested him?”

Steve Johansen
Steve Johansen is a local politically active individual who is very influential in the Cumberland and York Counties. Again, Steve is a guy you would think our Mayor would want to keep as an ally. But no, Papenfuse has established no such rapport with Johansen.
Today, Johansen made comments on his impressions of Papenfuse, and his sentiments align with the general attitudes and opinions of many other locally influential political figures.
Eric R. Papenfuse is an embarrassment to the City of Harrisburg and the surrounding areas. The sitting President of The United States of America visited the midstate. I understand The Mayor is a Democrat, however, this is an unprecedented honor for our area. Rather than embrace this historic moment he choose to stand with 25-50 “anarchists” who bring nothing positive to the mid-state.
The President spoke about bringing more jobs to PA and the midstate. He spoke about hope and optimism. This “dopey” mayor is protesting that?
He is a “wannabe” Washington/NYC elitist. What a disgrace! #Dope
Local supporters quickly lined up to echo the sentiments of Johansen regarding the City of Harrisburg and its Mayor after these comments were released on the local M.A.G. fb page, a post in which he tagged Eric Papenfuse.
Look for more to come on the political fallout from the actions of Mayor Papenfuse coming soon.
Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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