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Original Report with Pictures from Murder Scene

Harrisburg, PA – This was a crime that went down looking like a broad daylight execution style murder in the heart of a residential community.

In an exclusive interview for Harrisburg100, the driver of the black car tells-all about the shooting and events that led up to to the Robbery/Murder of Kodi Flanagan on April 25, 2017. She was the female acquaintance with Flanagan, and it was her child who sat in the back of the car asleep, while Flanagan was beat and shot right outside of the car.

For their privacy, the acquaintance and child will not be pictured or named in these reports.

“It all keeps replaying in my head, can’t really eat. I just gotta stay strong. My son is okay.”

Previously Reported:

Sidney Michaels and Dylan Beard allegedly robbed, shot and killed Kodi Flanagan at the intersection of N. 3rd and Muench Streets, in broad daylight on Tuesday April 25, 2017.

Both men are being held without bail in the Dauphin County Prison.

Kodi Flanagan

The victim, Kodi Flanagan, 22 of Middletown PA, was pulled out of a black car, with a female acquaintance and a child inside, then beat down before he was shot. This occurred just after 6:30pm in a residential neighborhood in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The murder occurred at a busy intersection where many neighbors walk and wait for the bus. There is also a bar on one corner. It happened around 6:30pm, when most neighbors are enjoying a stroll through the community, or relaxing on their front porch.

The Drop:

Revenge motivated this robbery and the desire for “payback” may have contributed to the fatal ending to this unfortunate crime. The shooter had a vendetta against the victim.

You see, Kodi Flanagan and Sidney Michaels had a history together. In one previous transaction between the two, Michaels was shorted over a matter of roughly $300. It was said that “Kodi did take weed & money from Sidney in the past, but they supposedly got over it,” and the witness added that they have “been hanging out with both of them boys multiple times,” in the months since the initial incident.

But the driver knows that Sidney Michaels wanted payback from Flanagan for the loss that he took on the chin at the expense of a bad deal between the two. In fact, it was stated multiple times that Michaels was seeking ‘payback’ in the form of drugs and money that Flanagan was suspected to be in possession of on the day of the murder. As it turns out, he did not have any money on him at the time of the attempted robbery, but he did have drugs.

All four of the primary involved suspects in this case do not live in Harrisburg. Michaels and Flanagan are from Middletown, Pennsylvania. Beard is from Highspire, and the driver is from Lewisberry, Pennsylvania. It’s unclear where the second female acquaintance is from.

Although Kodi Flanagan often made trips into Harrisburg city to make drug deals, according to the driver he was unarmed on the day he was murdered, he never would carry a weapon and had not been previously robbed in a strong-arm fashion. Flanagan was generally well liked, other than a recent sketchy deal with Michaels, 2 months prior.

It is not yet confirmed, however it was suggested by the first hand source that a second female is involved, who may be the suspect that conspired with Beard to commit robbery, via text message.

Kodi Flanagan was in Lewisberry with his friend, prior to being driven into the City of Harrisburg, just before the crime. Allegedly, Flanagan went to the Uptown neighborhood that day specifically to make drug transactions as he quite often did, and it is believed that he was in possession of Heroin and Marijuana for sale, just before his murder. After they were already Uptown, a deal was set up through text messages that were witnessed by the driver. It was stated that the second female acquaintance was requesting $50 worth of dope, and they drove to the area around 3rd & Muench to meet this female.

They ended up waiting for 20-30 minutes in the car, with the child who is not yet 3 years old, in the back seat asleep. It is most unfortunate that the child was in the car with illegal drugs, especially considering the circumstances of these sketchy drug deals.

It may be during this 20-30 minute period of time that the robbery attempt was being planned by Dylan Beard and the second female acquaintance.

When Flanagan was pulled from the car, it all happened so fast and the driver didn’t see anything coming. “All I seen was someone open my car door & pull Kodi out of my car onto ground, they had Kodi on the ground punching him, then I heard gun shots, I pulled across through the stop sign parked my car because of my son being in the car, called 911, while I tried to keep Kodi alert until the ambulance and cops arrived.”

Thankfully his mother says the young man slept through this traumatic event, and did not wake up until the blaring noise of Police and ambulance sirens. It is unclear why he was in the car during these drug transactions.

After the police secured the scene and responders transported the victim in the ambulance, the driver and her son were taken to headquarters. The police thoroughly searched her car at the scene.

After spending an hour downtown with the Police, she admits that of her son the police said, “Thank god nothing happened to him & they’re glad my he didn’t witness the murder.”

It appears that this robbery set-up was about payback for the previous bad drug deal, and perhaps Sidney Michaels took it a step further in the heat of the moment with the gun in his hand. While he did intend to perpetrate violence against Flanagan, his rage may have been fueled by the unresolved debt that left Sidney Michaels with a tarnished reputation in the streets and with his peers.

The murder itself was not premeditated. In this case, the robbery was arranged in advance, however the murder in particular was not planned out, but was most likely the unfortunate result of a drug robbery gone bad.

A fact of the matter is that Michaels and Dylan conspired to rob Flanagan, they entered Harrisburg from outside the city limits with an illegal gun, and committed an act of murder in a residential neighborhood that has its fair share of struggles to overcome, without the addition burden of these wild kids who come here and destroy the neighbors livelihood.

The Police have the text message evidence of Beard stating he was “planning to commit a robbery with a male friend who had a ‘toaster.’ [Gun]”

Another eye-witness account says Michaels “used a handgun to shoot and kill the victim,” records state.

In this tragedy, Kodi leaves behind his own 2 years old son.

This situation is unfortunate for many reasons and our condolances go out to the families of everyone involved. Also unfortunate is the repetition of similar events to this one that are unfolding too often in Harrisburg neighborhoods. Too many bad drug deal and gun shots are plaguing the city streets and the good citizens are living in fear. We must expose these problems to find a solution. These kids from inside and outside of the city venture into various neighborhoods as if it is a free-for-all devil’s playground.

From all indications this was specifically about a drug robbery realted to a debt, and there really are no indications that this event was somehow racially motivated. It is noted that a recent commenter took another perspective on the matter when they stated:

“First time it was worded this way, I’m proud they finally have this right, blacks are always tore apart in the white media and their families too. This is a hate crime, they followed him for over 10 miles to rob him unbelievable!!! This man was caught off guard in the presence of a child, these white men hated those black man so much they beat him and then shot home in front of witnesses of his peers like if they were sending a message to the black communities!! Modern day lynching.”

Look for more on this story coming soon.

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Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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  1. Take this fucking bullshit down!!!!! He has a fucking family this is bullshit and what happened before he was killed is NOBODIES BUSINIESS!!!! It is not your business to report what he did in his life!!!! You report when he got killed and that’s that!!! This is fucking ridiculous his grandmother and his mother seen this and they did not want to. SICK ALL OF YOU ARE SICK!!!!



    1. We live in this community and this same story line has played out over and over again, with kids from out of town coming here and tearing shit up like it’s a free for all.
      This happened outside of my home, so my interest here is more than just reporting a tragedy. I have a very vested interest in this matter.
      Residents have an enormous tax burden in the City of Harrisburg and awareness has to be raised surrounding these issues and the heroin epidemic in general.



      1. There’s way to raise awareness and let the citizens of Harrisburg know that this was a act of revenge without letting out his every move on social media. This article is embarrassing and ignorant to his family.


    2. Trust me, we didn’t want to see that murder that was committed when our community was taken advantage of due to illegal drugs being dealt, and all the violence and suffering associated with it.



    3. Megan from MIDDLETOWN. This article and what he was doing before the murders is RELEVANT. It’s the reason why he was murdered! If he wasn’t selling or doing dirt, he’d be here!

      Liked by 1 person


      1. As for shania u can slap cock I hope death never hits ur family.


  2. 3 drug dealers / users off the street



  3. Would you prefer if his name was taken out of the story?



  4. The only reasonable mind here May 3, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    I love how there’s a thousand words about how it’s was clearly just paypack for a bad drug deal between three shitbags. And then at the end somehow they try to spin it into a hate crime. Fuck off race baiters no money to be made here

    Liked by 1 person


  5. Hmmm herion dealer….has little kid in car with gf….got robbed n killed by someone he knew all 3 were/are shitbags. 3 less guys on the streets ruining lives. And then try to race bait the story. Foh.



  6. Seriously people…regardless of what Kodi did in his life before that unfortunate day doesn’t really matter now…HAVE SOME COMMON COURTESY AND DECENCY FOR HIS FAMILY…THEY ARE MOURNING THE LOSS OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBER…STOP bitching, complaining and calling names…how some prayers for all involved and their families….🙏🙏

    Liked by 1 person


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