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By: Harrisburg100

Fuckin’ Nazis


Fuck you, you fucking Nazi scum


Ya fuckin’ Storm Troopers

These weren’t the words that Chris Siennick thought he would be saying after wrapping up a fast paced night of entertaining his constituents, and campaign donors in the Midtown Tavern.


And with a swift kick to the face of Siennick, after he was forced to sit on a curb by State Troopers, AntiFA was born that spring night, in front of the WCI owned property on Locust Street in downtown Harrisburg.

Link to ‘kick in the face’ dash-cam footage

Why would the State Police kick the hard working young man in the face, as he sat there indefensible on the sidewalk? The initiating provocations started long ago, when repetitive shots were directed at Mayor Shlapenfuss, in the previous city election.

This evening was the final showdown that was pursued by the agents of Shlapenfuss’s boss, who called for the events that transpired late that evening in May of 2015.

Why was Siennick targeted? Because he represents the number one threat to controlled democracy in Harrisburg.

But Siennick will not be stopped by the injustice, in fact it has become the rallying cry for his entire Mayoral Campaign.

In May 2015, on a Saturday night at 2am, when the downtown bars closed and the crowds had just slightly turned up, The State Police ‘Jump Out Boys,’ aka patrol Nazis, were out in full force looking for trouble. 

Siennick is known for leading a heavily fortified skateboarding crew. After being spotted heading south on 2nd Street against the flow of traffic, Siennick proudly displayed his one finger salute while passing the troopers SUV.

Link to State Troopers ‘cruising for trouble’ dash-cam with audio, plotting on Siennick 

Meanwhile across town, a collaboration has recently been established. Under this new agreement, a local wealthy investor will provide funding to the new alt-right organization in Pennsylvania, in exchange for dirty deeds and back door deals.

Smartzler, aka the white boy who owns Harrisburg, is the investor who is watching this scenario play out from up in the heights of his Harrisburg penthouse. His view overlooks the capitalist district, where the ultimate grant writing scheme of all time is unfolding. He awaits the twitter confirmation that Siennick has been captured dead or alive, as per the real estate development moguls orders.

You see, it was just hours prior when the scandalous King-maker’s indirect connection, a rouge deputy who has become an influential street-level enforcer, first made contact with ‘Storm Trooper’ Nazi-face of the State Police, in a joint effort with the newly formed West Shore Boys of the M.A.G. facebook group. Word was out that Siennick had set up shop in town along with the backing of his expansive anarchist-skateboarding crew, in a move that did not go over well with the Cumberland County republicans.

img_9890Although seeking revenge for the constant embarrassment caused to his loyal puppet Mayor Shlapenfuss, Mr. Shartzler had to avoid being connected to any act of politically motivated violence. Therefore she had to develop a outside entity to attack Siennick. An alliance with the group who now became know as the alt-right, is the strong arm force of Shartzlers unspoken ills against Harrisburg, in the name of making big money at the expense of the citizens. This has become the perfect cover for her to hide in such a democratic city where she can unknowingly force her will upon the loyal peasant citizens of Harrisburg.


It is believed that Siennick may have originally been put on by the Mayor of Berkeley during his west coast tour while campaigning for Bernie Sanders. The growing legend of Siennick not only gives him mucho credibility as a local superstar, he also has a long line of voters prepared to elect him into office.

His heavily fortified crew is gaining in numbers, and largely they do mean well, but local leaders have cited the real world implications of the aggressive and violent behavior from the so-called academic intolerance, that is the product of ideological aggression.

As it turns out there were many other players involved. Shmatthew Flinchlaugh and Shteven Johanshen of the West Shore Boys have been identified as the unofficial public figure heads of the alt-right movement, an organization that was founded upon Christian principles and a strong sense of nationalism. They all remain local to their makers in Shlou Larbetta, and President Trump, who will be honored at the upcoming Harrisburg Farm Show rally on the same day when the President would normally be attending the coorespondance dinner. Trump has taken a stand against the unfairly biased media. 

We believe that President Trump is coming to Harrisburg on his 100th day in office to pay tribute to Harrisburg100 as the new leader of independent news. 

It is no secret that Siennick has boldly spoken out against the sins and hypocrisy of Christianity, and he has proclaimed WCI to stand for “White Christian Invasion.”

“In multiple issues of the Burg, Hartzler calls for the abolition of property taxes and the promotion of small businesses that his millionaire ass can afford to say yes or no to. Obviously it has turned into backing things like bookstores and coffee shops at the cost of disrupting the people and their bars, like the 1400 club and the taproom. Very bland and “white” per se. I like to jokingly call his company WCI the “White Christian Invasion.” Papenfuse supports the move in this direction to the benefit of his own properties seeing as how the Midtown Scholar and Papenfuse’s campaign office are conveniently surrounding the new Susquehanna Arts Museum. The interesting piece here is the million dollar grant awarded to WCI as a development firm to remodel the 14th Street sinkhole area to their liking at the behest of the people affected and vocal warnings about gentrification.” – Chris Siennick Exclusively for Harrisburg100

In the aftermath of Siennick’s sentiments that have echoed throughout the city, well connected and highly religious gentrification leaders in the city could not stand for such blasphemy, and became very concerned about a potential propaganda campaign aimed against their hidden interests. As retribution for this provaction, the call for a hit was put out on Siennick’s head that evening.

And in another controversy, it is rumored  that on the low, they have allegedly paid large sums of money to Mayoral candidate Lewis Fronts to serve as the crime boss of Uptown, and Skool Board candidate Tony Yayo, aka Ricky Shoto, to control South Harrisburg.

It is also said that a controversial video of Sharky Butts circa 2013 has surfaced, and it is one that the Mayoral Candidate has taken measures to suppress from the view of the public. That underground video may come to the surface in time.

Part II of this story will examine the Neo-Nazi rally that took place on the PA Capitol Steps, the counter response from AntiFA. We will detail the bold display of military might of the PA State Police to protect the Neo-Nazis with a multi-millions dollar Saturday play date in the city, where they got to test out their new favorite toys. All the snipers, the helicopter, the long batons and horseback mounted troopers. Harrisburg100 will dig into the specifics of the swat team in riot gear, and the overall feeling of a military state that over took our fair city that day.

As for the prearranged attack on Siennick,  this was all part of a sinister plan to control the balance of power in Harrisburg City.

The resistance has formed and it is certain that the Counter-Illuminati will win this years elections.


Update on the S. 14th St Sinkhole story coming soon and one influential perspective from the west shore:

Steve Johansen response to #hbg100: “The Federal Gov’t shouldn’t pay for anything in Harrisburg. Period.”
Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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