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Harrisburg, PA – Many candidates have recently voiced their complaints of missing campaign property. Anthony Harrell posted a video to facebook from the Uptown Plaza, where he says that his signs are missing, and meanwhile Papenfuse signs have taken over the shopping center. On the other side of town, Destini Hodges makes similar remarks about her “signs disappearing too.”

“The sign placement for this election cycle has been crazy!” – Destini Hodges comment, Exclusively for Harrisburg100

For the unhappy candidates, the question is what happened to the missing campaign property, while the so-called ‘supporters’ question where did the signs come from?

Where do some of the mysterious yard signs come from? Campaign signage are appearing all over town. Most of the placement comes from the sweat of hard working grass roots campaigns, and particularly from the candidates themselves personally working the streets. Others have a large fund of money from which they pay their flunkies to post the signage. Harrisburg neighbors report that the signs are just poping up over night without notice. Of course, there are many Harrisburg citizens that do proudly display who they support based on solid research over time.

Some neighbors do not plan to display yard signs, however they may wake in the morning or return home from work to realize that these signs have found a place in their yard, previously unbeknownst to the owners. And to take them down… :-/ mixed feelings from property owners who depend on the rulings of the judge, who has the final say relating to matters of their personal financial and real estate interests.

Some feel compelled to display the signs in hopes of future favor from their candidate on issues that impact the owners. Others are just oblivious to their surroundings and have no real concept about the years of corruption and financial fraud that some of those yard signs represent. They don’t know the history about the candidates use of a bait and switch tactic to get on the ballot. When neighbors post these signs, they don’t realize that they are supporting the original makers of Reed and so many of our current city problems.

Educate yourselves.

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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