By: Harrisburg100 

Nobody reads Raging Chicken Press. Go back to your beloved Philadelphia where all the stories are bigger and the problems are so much worse, as you constantly remind Harrisburg citizens in your condescending commentary.

Call it writer’s block. Or call it a long term slump. Perhaps your ship has sailed and your glory days have past. With your credibility dwindling, Mr. Kitchen you appear to be licking your chops at any hint of a potential untold controversial back story. To the point that you have resorted to createing the story when there is no evidence of such.

All writers go through slumps, and it’s too bad that yours has gone on for so long.  As speculation would have it, perhaps The Raging Chicken lost its edge after being blamed by Papenfuse for ‘propagating rumor.’ Maybe it is time for a new platform and nickname, bud.

“Otto Banks and Beau Brown “the republican turned democrat” are involved with the local charter school community” – Sean Indignado Kitchen

Although the name chicken suits you quite well, the fury of your rage is no greater than that of a west shore teenage slumber party pillow fight. On behalf of Harrisburg100, I would like to offer you a role as a guest writer. You no longer will be called the Raging Chicken; from here on your new personality in Harrisburg will be Mother Clucker. This is a hostile takeover. Get down or lay down.

One stipulation of the deal is that you cannot continue to constantly compare Harrisburg to your beloved Philadelphia in every single lame rebuttal that you regurgitate. We are the fuxking State Capital and we will run our own show. Tell them out-of-town lawyers to hit the road.

And another thing: those Rowland Elementary bathrooms are horribly wrong, but what you fail to understand is that the root of the problem is not just about cleaning up the bathrooms. It is about a district with a 38% graduation rate. Those images symbolize the overall educational epidemic that these children are facing. Imagine the future of these Harrisburg citizens.

Offering his commentary on the recently released pictures form Rowland Elementary, Sean Kitchen makes a point about charter schools, but also takes shots at local political activists like Beau Brown and Otto V. Banks.

Sean Indignado Kitchen:

Do alternative education options, like charter schools, really work? This state has the worst charter school regulations in the country. Philadelphia has become a national joke because of the rampant fraud in the charter community. Dont see how alt-ed will fix this.” – S. Kitchen

“And as someone who is from Philadelphia, charter schools are not the answer. They’re breeding grounds for corruption and self-enrichment.” – S. Kitchen

“I really like to question the motives of this article before I make a serious judgement. The drop ceiling looks to be an issue. The bathroom photos dont look horribly wrong besides the graffitti. Otto Banks and Beau Brown “the republican turned democrat” are either involved with the local charter school community or have a local business of their own and their outrage may possibly have other motives behind them.” – S. Kitchen


FOLLOW UP with Otto V. Banks


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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