By: Christopher Norris

“All female staff refused to deal with him anymore due to previously made misogynistic remarks.”

Harrisburg, PA – I organized the rally at the Big Ugly Warehouse. I did everything for it. Out of my own pocket…. I also cancelled the rally on the day of due to inclement weather.

I came to know Richard Soto when he came into the Bernie Sanders campaign office after the all female staff refused to deal with him anymore due to previously made misogynistic remarks. This would have been his second maybe third visit to the office requesting an endorsement from Sen. Bernie Sanders. At this point the Campaign Manager Robyn Bishop directed him to the female Latino Outreach director, of which, he refused to speak. This is when I stepped in and let him know that rarely does the senator endorse candidates… but I did advise him many candidates like himself all across the country were endorsing Senator Sanders on their own with great success as Sanders Democrats.

Our plans for a Bernie Sanders rally in the Southside/Allison Hill area was already in motion when I met Mr. Soto, as I previously organized a sizable Bernie rally at the HMAC weeks previous. We followed up the rained out rally with a pot luck barn storm dinner at the Sanders campaign headquarters and then a Town Hall event featuring Sen. Nina Turner & Rosario Dawson along with other grassroots leaders and innovators of the community.

Richard Soto’s only motivation is self serving. I don’t believe anything has changed since his run for the 103rd last April and I know I didn’t hear any solutions in this interview

Allison Hill Rally for Bernie Sanders

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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