From the campaign of Carrie Fowler for School Bord Director


Carrie Fowler
Candidate for School Board Director 
Harrisburg School District

April 14th, 2017

School Board Candidate Fowler Wins Court Case – Calls for Resignation of Soto and Williams

Open Interviews/Press Conference to take place on Capital Steps at 9am and 10am Friday, April 14th

Fowler calls on opponents Soto and Williams to resign based on ineligibility. 

Ms. Fowler defended her court case, for a second time. Fellow candidate Mr. Soto challenged Fowler’s petitions in court and appealed the ruling by Judge Evans. He has lost that appeal and failed to make his case, again.

Being convicted of a Felony Crime makes an individual unqualified and ineligible to be elected for office. Candidate for Harrisburg School Board Director Carrie Fowler publicly calls for Richard Soto and Cory M Williams to respectfully resign from their campaigns for elections. Responding to public outcry, Mrs. Fowler strongly believes that Soto and Williams’s campaigns for office are motivated by changing the laws in the state of PA currently making them ineligible for office and NOT on the true issue of doing what is best for our children, community, and schools. 

“It is exploitative, selfish, grandiose, and frankly indicative of individuals that are not running for elected position out of love, commitment, and a desire to do good for our schools, but of politically minded power plays that distract from the dialog we should and MUST have to save our schools.”

“Please don’t misinterpret me, the issues of felony records creating 2nd class citizens is a worthy debate and an issue worthy of challenging… but not on the backs of a wounded and desperate school system.”

Mrs. Fowler is a strong voice for social justice and believes wholeheartedly that the laws should be changed to allow people with a record of rehabilitation to run for office, but this issue cannot and will not be decided by a School Board Director Election. 

 “Let’s take the debate about felony records preventing citizens from running for elected office out of the electoral system for School Board and into the legislative system where it belongs.”

“Let’s change the dialogue back to our schools and bringing the best and brightest minds and ideas possible to make the biggest difference and provide the BEST for our children. Every single sentence speaking about anything other than that is nothing more than a distraction. ”

Mrs. Fowler can be reached by email for comment –

Open Interviews / Press Conference will take place on the capital steps at 9am and 10am

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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