By: Sean M. Guay

So ends a fast paced week of tit-for-tat with competing local news outlets. After pulling the plug on Pennlive, then having a misunderstanding with CPBJ, and of course never living up to the high society standards of theBurg audience; the red flag of Harrisburg100 is flying higher than ever on an entirely new level of credibility.

We will not be held to the agenda of the local Super PAC, or the Harrisburg Illuminati Mafia. We stand independent of the corporate controllers.

There is a whole other underground world in this city. But not just anybody can access this network, and they are even less likely to have the stamina and fortitude to make it to the bottom and come back out unscathed.

The Mole Mobile

It’s not only about hacking your phone and conducting home surveillance in this game. Being appointed the ‘Mole’ in Harrisburg means that I have to dig much deeper below the surface. And when I dig in Harrisburg, I get dirty and I find lots of deep holes; I find loose ends, and leaky pipes; I find high pressure steam pipelines that just end up being wasted gas vapor, like the lies of a politician’s hot breath; I find brick city tunnel paths that lead to dead ends. And somehow I have to sort through this dirty, dim, stinking mess to find some semblance of what is real and just in Harrisburg.

If it cannot be buried underground in Harrisburg, it just gets burnt:


Harrisburg Incinerator


Recent Fire on MaClay Street

If it can be buried or covered up, it’s been done in Harrisburg. Those sinkholes can be found all throughout the city, and they represent so much more than the tragic loss of home and property for Harrisburg citizens. They represent the loopholes in bad comprehensive plan contracts, and rigged school boards. They represent people looking the other way when they should have spoken up. They represent 100’s of years of shady back-room and underground deals that go way back, even beyond the Graft Scandal. Those holes represent the missing voids in the lives of victimized Harrisburg citizens, the broken budgets of past projects and the misappropriation of funds through creatively attained grant money. They represent some of the bad deals that ended in fraud and even violence. 

The urgency of getting the deal done today has taken precedence over the added costs of negative future implications, and additional burden on the citizens of Harrisburg.

The attitude for too long has been: live for today and forget about tomorrow. Maybe that idea got Harrisburg into the deep hole that it is in now.

At this time, other questions linger about the developers with future interests in the sinkhole area. Because of course, somebody stands to benefit from these unfortunate events.

I will dig into these issues this week when I explore the underground dealings in the Sinkhole controversy @ South 14th Street and interview with former owner Ms. Taylor whose property was sold at a county tax sale before she could receive her settlement from the Sinkhole disaster.

Another week now begins and anything can happen. Be ready.

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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