By: Sean M. Guay

I would like to briefly explain that the mission of Harrisburg100 is to spread civic engagement, and to educate the public on local politics in interesting ways. A primary function is to give a voice to people and neighborhoods who feel under-represented and are sometimes called disenfranchised. Admittedly, the entertainment quality of #hbg100 is partially inspired by facebook interactions about the city, as well as reality TV drama, and the presidential election circus, with some sports & pop culture references. Overall the message relates to our love for Harrisburg and the importance of local politics and everyone being involved.

Harrisburg100 also seeks to slowly peel back some of the tough outer layers, to reveal some of the more sensitive inner workings that have been out of the public view for too long. 

Throughout the experiences of so many people who have had generations of family living in Harrisburg, who have seen so much apparent scamming and fraudulent political activity, and because of its impact on economic and social issues, they feel disconnected. They feel that the democratic process is not real to them. They have surrendered to the belief that they have no political voice, there is no way for them to be involved, and any attempt by them to engage will result in their time being wasted, they will be ridiculed for their political ignorance, or even worse that they may be ousted for having views that differ.

To engage a person to register and vote, they have to stand for some type of belief in the democratic process, and even if at first they don’t understand the details of the issues and various candidates, eventually they will make the connections between the policy and the real life implications, and perhaps will help to make positive changes along the way.

The youngest members of our city are those who are suffering the most at this time and we must focus our attention on them for the sake of Harrisburg’s future.

We are all responsible as individuals for the success of our city blocks, neighborhoods, schools, and local government. The most direct way to influence these points are through the voting and political processes. I am personally learning a lot as we explore many different chapters of Harrisburg activity, and that keeps my drive and passion alive. I would invite everybody to follow my progress, and engage with this publication and the community in a productive manner.

I am always searching for new ideas and new writers. Please comment or message me with any potential connections.


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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