It is almost over. No more Cougar Pride. 

Trump and Devos have fueled a group of money hungry republican owners who have already prepared their plans to dismantle the Harrisburg School District and open publicly funded charter schools. 

Of course, the ‘war zone’ of Harrisburg is not the primary focus of our President. However through his agents, which are present in the Harrisburg area and influential in Harrisburg politics, they have established a network of leaders and fall men, and they have developed an election narrative to gain the support of the community. It’s all part of a strategy that will ensure the demise of the school district as we know it. This will pave the way for publicly funded charter schools which take money that would otherwise be afforded to the children of Harrisburg, through their public school system.

The most ironic part of it all; the republicans will accomplish their systemic plan to overtake the district by playing on the heart and emotions of the general public. They have gained strong leverage in the city. They will use the voters empathy towards the storyline of 2nd chance candidates, over whom they have control if elected. Therefore advancing their republican agenda for owners to profit with no regulation, while further disenfranchising the children of our city.

It is not too late to stop this plan, but we must become informed and involved. We must come together as a community to improve our situation and the future of our children and city. And we must vote!

Stay tuned to Harrisburg100 for the election updates and the REAL news in Harrisburg. 

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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