Pennlive is Dead.

From now on, we are going to do our own reporting since Harrisburg can’t get a fair shake from Pennlive.

This so-called reputable news source suddenly cannot find two of its high-profile stories that were originally written and published by Pennlive, that relate directly to felony criminal charges against a current candidate for an ‘office of trust’, and they have misplaced the original story about the misplaced guns of a Police officer who is running in the upcoming city elections.

Apparently, as of 9:00pm Monday, April 3rd, Pennlive cannot find a printed version of the stories either. This is supposed to be our professional newspaper of record. Maybe it is time for a REAL news source: Harrisburg100. 😉

The explanation from Pennlive (unnamed Harrisburg reporter) at this time is “We have changed digital platforms over the years, I know some links have been broken and some stories are hard to find.

Pennlive also recently reported on the rigged election for Harrisburg School Board Director. Except for the fact that they didn’t mention any of the rigged aspects.

For instance, no mention of republican lobbyist coaching various candidates campaigns for Harrisburg School Board Director. Not a hint about an apparent strategic agreement to not only influence the election, but to control the school board. And not a single word about how this plan is not so much good for the children’s sake, but mostly great for the future advancement of the owners profits.





Pennlive forgot to mention the amount of public money at stake that the republican owners will use to pay for their new charter schools.


Conveniently for the funded candidates, Pennlive could not draw any proof of who is behind the effort to provide pro-bono legal council toward appealing the ruling on an unsuccessful petition challenge. And it’s a shame considering that this is what they are supposed do as professional investigative reporters, and here we are at Harrisburg100 shouting the truth to anybody who isn’t already corrupted.

We still want to know more about these free expensive election lawyers and the interests of the parties who are providing this help. But thanks anyway Pennlive for the feel good story about giving folks a second chance.

Pennlive is on its way to being part of the #PapenfuseBan

Stick with #hbg100 for all the local election news, and the REAL news in Harrisburg

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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