Destini Hodges is remarkable in her young political achievements, which went against all odds, and against the political machine bosses. She shook off legal challenges by James Ellison and won her election to school board. She then won an election for city council. Now part of a revolution, she is predicted by her good friend Alan Kennedy-Shaffer as being prepared to win a seat as Distrcit Judge. This is no small feat for any individual, especially in a city that lives by the old school rules. It has been rumored that in this turbulent political climate, the machine bosses of James Ellison and James Pianka have become insecure and scared of such a revolution. 

Does Destini Hodges lead a new city alliance that was alluded to by Independent candidate Chris Siennick? On a public fb post yesterday, Siennick describes the young leaders of this dream team alliance that will mark a change in the political landscape of PA. After one Siennick supporter cites the need for a newspaper alternative to Pennlive 😉💯, and another describes the state as “Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and Alabama in the middle,” Siennick’s post reply includes the names of Destini Hodges, Ausha Green, and Angela Kirkland. Is this a coded reference to the new Harrisburg Illuminati? Or, would it appear that we are witnessing March Madness, aka the manipulation of smoke and mirrors early in this years election cycle?

Exclusively for Harrisburg100, on her involvement with Kirkland, Destini Hodges relates that “I don’t really know her too much, but do know Alan Kennedy-Shaffer very well.” She later added “I am not aligned with anyone.” The extent of Green’s involvement with Kirkland remains unclear, as both were unavailable for comment on this story. 

Referencing Kirkland’s social media ‘snakes‘ controversy, local attorney and Harrisburg native, Corky Goldstein publicly responded: “This post was so out-of-line. As a City resident for all my life, I could never vote for someone who would think this was OK!! She even refuses to apologize. I thought it was very embarrassing. However. She embarrassed herself. I hope she someday will release the hate in her heart, and will work to find appropriate ways to be a representative of my beloved City.”

The reluctance of Harrisburg’s more seasoned political leaders to align with or endorse some of the radical young candidates may be due to the controversy surrounding Kirkland’s recent news of anti-police & anti-Irish immigrant rehtoric, and because of Siennick’s close ties with members of local anarchist & AntiFA organizations. It has been heavily rumored that Siennick is, in fact, an actual high-ranking leader of AntiFA, which is a claim that he will deny, although he will not disavow his support of the so-called hate group

Angela Kirkland

When asked for comment, Chris Siennick admits exclusively to Harrisburg100 “I really only align with Angela Kirkland, the others are kinda involved with the party machine.” His alliance with Kirkland, an outspoken activist against police violence, is a natural fit for Siennick, who was a local victim of police brutaitly by the Pennsylania State Police. Siennick was recently vindicated by the conviction of a crooked state trooper. 

Max Neely, Chris Siennick

Siennick has made a splash on social media this week by announcing through his campaign hypeman, Max Neely, that the moon is not real, and has issued a call for the campaign to seize all toothbrushs from the residents of Harrisburg. Neely’s role in Siennick’s campaign is unclear, other than being a strong supporter and hypeman of various Siennick side shows. Siennick calls Neely “Part of the secretariat.” Max, who claims to be communist, is militant is his appearance and speech, has declared his loyalty to Siennick by saying “I will defend this revolutionary movement to the death, my lord.” 

In a long post to his Dank Memes page, Chris recently outlined some details of his agenda as new mayor of Harrisburg:

Chris for Mayor Dank Memes Stash

Harrisburg100 ✌🏽


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