– With all the hype surrounding the recent presidential election, a whole new conversation has begun in regards to ‘rigged’ elections. In order to maintain our representative democracy, we must conduct fair elections. Holding candidates eligibility to the letter of the law is essential to our republic, and as with any public matter, it should be openly discussed amongst the community. 

Likewise, election law can be used towards the advantage of a particular candidate, rather than benefiting the overall fairness of the election. Make no mistake about it, using this type of leverage is not a new tactic in politics, and the laws should be followed in regards to our elections and our school board matters. 

In a bold move that was initiated by school board candidate Richard Soto, a hearing has been set for Friday March 17th @ 2:15pm in front of a Judge in Courtroom #2 of the Dauphin County Courthouse, to determine if Carrie Fowler will be eligible to remain on the ballot. 

Although the case against Fowler is believed to be unwinnable, this move has raised questions of motive and intentions by leaders of Fowler’s campaign who believe that Soto is playing dirty and trying to have her thrown off the ballot. 

The campaign also highlights the integrity and energy she will bring to the school board as a new member. Fowler is a self described ‘advocate for social justice,’ and her concern is that if elected, Soto will be using these same types of intimidation tactics to assert influence within the school board. 

We will report on the fate of Fowler’s bid for school board upon the ruling of the court Friday afternoon. No comment from Soto’s campaign at this time, but check back soon for updates. 

Voting for the primaries will be on May 16th. 


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