• Update: It has been confirmed that a second child, a 10 year old female, has passed away as a result of the hoverboard house fire. 

– Following a wave of tragedies in the city involving immigration raids, fires, shootings, and a hit-and-run DUI, it is most unfortunate to report that a Lieutenant of the fire dept., and 3 year old child have passed away. Our condolences go out to all of the families. In the aftermath of these events, more row home fires on Allison Hill, and with a major blizzard snow storm predicted this week, local movers & sharkies are turning out new ideas to improve conditions in Harrisburg. 

Butts: “I’m tired of tragedies that can be prevented.”

Lewis Butts is a candidate for Harrisburg Mayor who has made bold proposals in the past and this year he is following suit. In response to the current state of affairs in our city, Butts has stated that he is “tired of tragedies that can be prevented.” Perhaps under a different set of conditions these events would have ended with a different outcome, and Butts has a terrific idea that would help prevent accidents, would aid first responders, reduce the impact of various hazards and assist with investigations. “The city WiFi infrastructure I’m proposing will enable smoke detectors to be connected to the network so responses to emergencies are dramatically quicker. A quicker response time equates to saving lives of victims and first responders.” says Butts of his tech safety plans to connect the city. Bottom line is that his plan will save lives.

   🦈 Sharky with a full hand of spades ♠️

HUGE on jobs and infrustructure”

Exclusive for Harrisburg100, Butts unveils this part of his Harrisburg First Plan, unleashing bold ambition in the name of putting Harrisburg residents first, and the city’s future ahead of outsiders interest. Butts proclaimes that he will be “HUGE on jobs and infrustructure“, he has indicated that “clean renewable creates high tech jobs…thinking Green” and has placed an emphasize in his agenda on education, family, health, safety and security for all Harrisburg residents. Butts has led many city efforts and has offered many  proposals to fully utilize the potential of our city, while incorporating the benefits of our regions environment, tourism and entertainment appeal. 

       2♠️A♠️   Trump Tight   K♠️Q♠️ 

Talk of infrastructure lead to discussion within the Siennick campaign and when asked about local transportation, Chris Siennick for Mayor has declared that when elected, he will make changes to the local CAT bus system, including adjusting routes to better meet the needs of the riders and the possibility of a free fare for city residents who commute. 

As for the extreme allegations made by the Siennick campaign that were outlined in Part I, there is still no word from Papenfuse, who may or may not be holed up deep within the back rooms of the old Eight Ward along with the old boys network. 

#hbg100 – An election cycle that will have the chickens raging, and foaming at the chops for more coverage and debate. ✌🏽


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