• Update: It has been confirmed that a second child, a 10 year old female, has passed away as a result of the hoverboard house fire. 

Originally Reported: Following a wave of tragedies in the city involving immigration raids, fires, shootings, and a hit-and-run DUI, it is most unfortunate to report that a Lieutenant of the fire dept., and 3 year old child have passed away. Our condolences go out to all of the families.  In the aftermath of these events, more row home fires on Allison Hill, and with a major blizzard snow storm predicted this week, local movers & shakers bring new hope to improve conditions in Harrisburg.

A serious structure fire Uptown on Lexington St. that was sparked by a charging hoverboard, has yielded unfortunate news from 2017 Mayoral candidate Jennie Jenkins after a responding fire fighter was killed in a hit-and-run DUI @14th & Market St: “It’s hard to smile. I am with heavy heart. There was another terrible fire last night that took the life of a Harrisburg fire fighter. Two children were flown to Lehigh burn unit. We just learned the 4 year old passed away. Let us pray for both families. He’s a hero even though he did not make it to his destination.” – RIP and sending prayers for everybody involved.

I feel compassion for the families affected by the raids. – Jenkins for Mayor

Folks on Allison Hill are discouraged and many more are outraged after learning that ICE immigration raids began early morning operations in the city, including a visit to 4th & Woodbine Uptown on Sunday. It’s been reported that ICE agents have been showing up to Spanish mass at church on Market St. Exclusively for Harrisburg 100, Jenkins made a statement in response to the immigration raids throughout Harrisburg  that have left some families broken and many others shook up: “I feel compassion for the families affected by the raids.” In this mayoral race, Jenkins stands out as a strong challenger who can help unify the city and encourage the people to become more family oriented.

To recap recent developments released in previous editions, Chris Siennick declared exclusively to Harrisburg 100: “I want to annihilate the general election to give the people socialism, justice, and liberty for all.” In a move dubbed the ‘Shark Attack‘ against the incumbent Papenfuse, serious allegations have been issued by multiple opposing camps within the mayoral contest. In one claim, Lewis Butts states: “Papenfuse has his agents, and they do his bidding.” This and other very serious allegations have been made, raising questions of ethics and legality from the mayors office. Sources close with the Independent Siennick campaign went in depth on a listing of various charges about our current Mayor. A select few of the many allegations made by a staunch Siennick supporter are listed below:

  • He gave his #1 contributor Alex Hartzler a $500,000 grant to remodel his building.
  • He uses his office as a weapon!
  • He uses the trash as a means to attack people.
  • He uses the codes office at will to attack people.
  • He uses the zoning office to deny uses to tank values of properties for his own gain.
  • He doesn’t care about Alison Hill.
  • He’s stopped at least 50 jobs from coming to Allison hill.
  • He attacked a bar because he owned the property around it using his public office for his own gain.
  • He is for comprehensive planning which takes your property rights away if it’s not part of his agenda.
  • He takes the local jobs and gives them to his corporate kickback buddies that come from out of state.

No comment at this time from the Papenfuse campaign.

#hbg100 – An election cycle that will have the chickens raging, and foaming at the chops for more coverage and debate. ✌🏽


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  1. […] the Hill,” and it was Mayoral Candidate Jennie Jenkins who exclusively offered her comment to Harrisburg100 “I feel compassion for the families affected by the raids.” This stark contrast in […]



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