Encore! Back by popular demand. The popularity of Mr Siennick has warranted a second verse in this chapter. Give the people what they want! Democrats want the big D!

There really is something about his pure charisma that makes this idol more than your typical sex god. It is his heart of gold that pumps life into every creature that he touches. 

While Chris’s campaign platform is not built on a foundation of formal policies, rather he is running on the impeccable logic that a vote for Chris equals two votes against Papenfuse. Nobody can argue with that. As the ODB once said: Yeah Baby I like it rawww!

Shimmy Shimmy y’all 

What is staggering are the campaign financing figures from Papenfuse’s previous campaign. While his camp might have all the resources to buy the election, one thing money can’t buy that the Papenfuse campaign does not have: A Dank Meme Stash! Although he has been featured in a few from the cache. 

Chris has made it clear today that he fully supports Jennie Jenkins’ proposal for a cap of $50K on this years camping contributions. Which seems reasonable for a modest city population of almost 50,000 people, as that equals roughly $1/resident. Jenkins’ press release states in bold letters that: “Our city is not for sale to the highest donor!” Her campaign platform has been founded solid on informing the public of corruption and other ‘behind the scenes’ activity, while she is tracking the money trail of city dealings as a leader with integrity who will also stand up for families. 

I feel compassion for the families affected by the raids. – Jenkins for Mayor

Exclusive today for Harrisburg 100, Jenkins’ made a statement in response to  the immigration raids on Allison Hill: “I feel compassion for the families affected by the raids.” In this mayoral race, Jenkins stands out as a strong challenger who can help unify the city and encourage the people to become more family oriented. 

Coming in Part 3, look for more in depth on Jerkins background in the city, and her role in the upcoming election for Mayor. 

In discourse this afternoon through a Facebook exchange, Lewis Butts questioned a statement from the unnamed person stating, “Racism is for White People.” This repeated back and forth and took on the appearance of a so called ‘Battle‘, that likely involved a sarcastic claim of “even people like you” (Woah!) During this exchange, we learn that Lewis Butts is a “Harrisburgonian.. The American Civil War Winner..Agnes Survivor..Reed Defender..My goal is to be the Best Mayor ever..liberate my people of all nationalities in a place of real peace.” In another claim, Mr Butts holds no punches in the Shark Attack against the incumbent, saying: “Papenfuse has his agents, and they do his bidding.” This and other very serious allegations have been made, raising questions of ethics and legality from the mayors office. 

In conclusion, to quote a very bold exclamation made by Lewis Butts: “Everyone needs to know there lanes..especially in Harrisburg PA the Capitol of Pennslvania.. Winner of the Civil War” And with that, let us not forget the very real history of our country, and the key role that our region played. 

Also, next edition, Full Moon Fever in the City of Harrisburg. 

#hbg100 – An election cycle that will have the chickens raging, and foaming at the chops for more coverage and debate. ✌🏽


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