Serious allegations have been made and many more are likely to be released in future editions of Harrisburg 100.

Harrisburg, PA – At this time, behind closed doors and somewhere deep within the inner workings of the old Eighth Ward, the Papenfuse campaign is free fallin’ from its former position atop the city coffers. The details outlined in Part 1 list in bullet point the allegations against his administration. After much analysis and consideration, the mystery remains: What good is the nearly $1Million in campaign contributions if it cannot buy a SUPER Dank Meme Stash? – No comment on this from the Papenfuse campaign. 

There is blood in the water and meanwhile in other circles, divisive talk has rekindled the flare up of noticeable cultural/political divisions within the city limits. Many of us enjoy living in a place that Lewis Butts calls “the most diverse area of the state“, but he feels that diversity is not well represented by our current administration. This dialog played out in a recent debate regarding the role of race in this election and a journalists responsibility in reporting on the city. Butts has taken issue with an unnamed person’s outspoken point of view on race, and he has made it clear that “I won’t back down.”

The idea of Us vs. Them, whether it’s a difference in culture, or sometimes described as older residents vs. newer residents, as well as the the vaguely defined gentrification, has taken hold of many Harrisburg residents. Perhaps focusing too much on our differences has soiled our souls in such a way that we would do better to focus on unity and our many commonalities. As great as it sounds, it won’t come easy and as the saying goes, Love is a long road.

The smile says it all, and without question, she is not just another pretty Face in the crowd of Mayoral candidates. Jennie Jenkins has already made an impact as a city Police officer and has gained the trust and respect of many Harrisburg residents. She successfully fought back against false accusations that resulted in being fired from her duty, after she uncovered corruption that existed within the police department. Jenkins is a beacon of integrity and is well suited to assume her natural role as a leader in the city. Jenkins’ statement on the Allison Hill immigration raid that was released in Part 2, supported her values of the importance of family within the city. 

A serious structure fire Uptown last night on Lexington St. has yielded unfortunate news today from Jenkins: “It’s hard to smile. I am with heavy heart. There was another terrible fire last night that took the life of a Harrisburg fire fighter. Two children were flown to Lehigh burn unit. We just learned the 4 year old passed away. Let us pray for both families. He’s a hero even though he did not make it to his destination.” – RIP and sending prayers for all families involved. 

With the campaign season already in full swing , we all have high hopes for the future of Harambesburg, and for the time being we will enjoy the ride while Running down a dream. 

#hbg100 – An election cycle that will have the chickens raging, and foaming at the chops for more coverage and debate. ✌🏽


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  1. What’s missing from this reference is the actual depth and complexity of the discussion on the issue of “Race.”

    It was a long, complicated exchange that has been boiled down to an ambiguous allusion to the “debate,” which I (didn’t have) had with Mayoral Candidate Lewis Butts.

    But as the author self-admitted to me, for the sake of tabloid sensationalism, this is the way he’s choosing to go.

    So I’ll add only this to this “publication”–I stated that only White People can be Racist because Racism is a socially constructed power structure that privileges Whiteness and operates to maintain that system of power and privilege. I gave multiple examples of Institutions and went into great length about the historical building of White Supremacy in America.


    The rest of his commentary is pretty much geared at repeating this refrain and telling me I’m wrong and need to learn to be right (his right) in order to be “liberated.”

    I do not consider this debate. The author of this post, on the other hand, has debated me with a bit more critical engagement. However, he seems to maintain his agreement with Butts on the thesis that anyone can be racist. I’ve pointed out that there is a difference between Racism and racial discrimination, but this author said I was posing “highly technical definitions.”

    Now as such as this is a tabloid, I will not continue the practice of responding to these post, even if I’m named.

    I will also note I find it highly unethical for the author (who remains anonymous) to pull personal dialogue from personal Facebook pages, and I have told him that.

    I’ve also mentioned my concern with a general perpetuation of misinformation that this “blog” plays with. If there’s one thing our fragile capital city along the river does not need is sensationalized, conspiratorial, uninformed, superficial discussion for the sake of circulation.

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    1. Tara, you taking the time to respond and give feedback is very much appreciated. Your opinion is well respected, especially related to writing, blogging, privacy, citation, plagiarism, or other misrepresentations on paper. I will do my best to keep folks engaged without crossing the line, and it’s nice that I can count on good people like yourself who will call me out if I’ve done such.
      As far as the racial debate, I’m not well versed on the theories and approaches of this study. I understand that your position is methodically backed up through deep research and ‘experts’, however I do respectfully disagree with your position, and that is simply based on my experience in the world.
      In this exchange between you and Lewis, the coverage was my take on the overall theme of what took place over the span of multiple posts, and it did contained parts from you that I did not initially have your permission to post. I was wrong for that and I will always edit the work if requested. Sometimes I like to let the creativity flow and edit out the trouble spots later…
      Admittedly this work is part satirical while also being informative. The overall objective is to generate interest in our local politics and civic engagement, as well as to keep the conversation alive surrounding the election for mayor.
      I remain open to any feedback and look forward to working with anybody who has similar interests.



  2. Thank you, and I appreciate you making the edit to take out my name of the original post after I made my comment.

    I value all civic engagement in our fair city.

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  3. […] response to Harrisburg100’s coverage, Auchey’s commentary later described the debate as a “complicated exchange that has been boiled down to an […]



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