Shark Attack

It’s a Shark Attack on the established local politicians in the City of Harrisburg, PA. 

I want to annihilate the general election to give the people socialism, justice, and liberty for all.” – Chris Siennick has taken aim at the incumbent mayor Papenfuse, just the latest provocation in a relationship with an interesting history.

Besides the glamorously dramatic tit-for-tat with Pap, Chris has become very popular amongst various crowds within the city limits. This is the year for upset elections, and Chris has a large following. One thing that is unmistakable about this young outspoken activist; it’s his raw sex appeal. More on this in Part 2. 

A key element to Mr. Siennick’s vision for the future of Harrisburg that has recently been revealed, is an emphasize on agricultural manufacturing, perhaps by taking advantage of the new medical marijuana state laws. 

Other mayoral candidates with high hopes intend to ensure a fair democratic process. This is not the first run for Mayor by Mr. Lewis Butts Jr. A well educated Harrisburg native from Uptown, who in the past he has made bold proposals, including an idea to utilize the force of the river for hydroelectric generation.  Mr. Butts presents solid ideas for the sustainable future of Harrisburg. 

Look forward to Part 2 of 6 for a look into city corruption, comprehensive plan, cops and crime. Other candidates with a strong vision for Harrisburg will be featured in the next article. 

The round one knockdown was delivered by the Independent Siennick campaign in its onslaught against the incumbent Papenfuse. Here are a select few of the many allegations made by a staunch Siennick supporter:

  • He gave his #1 contributor Alex Hartzler a $500,000 grant to remodel his building.
  • He uses his office as a weapon!
  • He uses the trash as a means to attack people.
  • He uses the codes office at will to attack people.
  • He uses the zoning office to deny uses to tank values of properties for his own gain.
  • He doesn’t care about Alison Hill. 
  • He’s stopped at least 50 jobs from coming to Allison hill. 
  • He attacked a bar because he owned the property around it using his public office for his own gain. 
  • He is for comprehensive planning which takes your property rights away if it’s not part of his agenda.
  • He takes the local jobs and gives them to his corporate kickback buddies that come from out of state.
  • He is into misappropriated funds!
  • He is trying to take the power away from the council by enforcing “Home Rule”!

#hbg100 – An election cycle that will have the chickens raging, and foaming at the chops for more coverage and debate. 


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  1. […] the Papenfuse campaign is free fallin’ from its former position of superiority. Refer to Part 1 for bullet point allegations against his administration. After much analysis and consideration, the […]



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